• New Trends in IDEs

    As advances have been made in the practice of software development, it should come as no surprise that the tools we use to actually develop said software have evolved drastically as well. While everything from languag...
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  • Dev Insights from the Global Payments Report

      Worldpay's 2018 Global Payments Report offers a comprehensive overview of the ways global consumers pay, from Argentina to Vietnam and everywhere in between. We took a look at 4 high potential emergi...
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  • Question of the Month: April 2019

    Our top question (with over 1,000 views!) of the month comes from eegorov on sending a TransactionQuery request:    Check out Evgeniy's question and our answer here.      If you ask or ...
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  • Getting Started with WorldPay eProtect

    Financial account data is considered to be some of the most important and sensitive data in existence. And in today’s world, it is also among the most commonly requested data on the Internet. Let’s face it...
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  • 5 Additional Payment Integration Questions to Ask Developers

    In part one of this two-part series, we highlighted five critical payment integration questions for the development team.   These questions looked at data security, integration capability, the ability to s...
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  • Considerations for Building a Gig Economy App

      The largest hotel chain in the world (Airbnb) has no hotels, and the largest taxi company in the world (Uber) has no taxis. How did this come about? How did these and other so-called “gig economy” ...
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  • 5 Critical Payment Integrations Questions for Your Dev Team

      Payments were once a standalone process that signaled the end to a sale of a product or service. Today, global payments are an integral part of a customer experience and involve more interactions and transacti...
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  • Question of the Month: March 2019

    Our top question of the month comes from ptaysavang regarding the SecureNet API being retired.    Check out his question and our answer here:      If you ask or answer a question that help...
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  • Understanding Payments Developers: Survey Results

        We all know why developers are important. They write the software that makes the world run.   But how much do we know about who developers actually are? The answer, in many cases, is very little....
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  • 5 Examples of a Good Mobile Flow Checkout

    Businesses invest a lot of resources in getting consumers to click on ads and drawing visitors to websites or mobile apps. They create amazing product displays to make people like and engage with their product catalog...
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  • How to Troubleshoot a Test Payment Fail on Worldpay Hosted Payments

      Worldpay hosted payment pages provide websites with a simple and secure way to integrate payments into a site without the additional overhead of PCI compliance and the benefit of access to a multitude of payme...
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  • Best Practices for Implementing Payments for Free Trial Web Applications

    Offering free trial applications is a useful strategy for helping to attract new users. However, in order to retain those users and turn them into paying customers, you need to deliver a flawless experience that helps...
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  • Quickstart Guide to Implement eWIC Payments for Groceries

    The Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, was established in 1972 to provide supplemental nutritional and medical assistance for mothers and young children in low-income families....
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  • When is a coding bootcamp worth it?

      Coding bootcamps have become an increasingly popular way of learning to program. Since the first bootcamp, Code Academy, debuted in 2011, the total number of coding bootcamps has climbed to more than 95 &mdash...
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  • Worldpay ONE Recommended Read: 2 Second Lean – How to Grow People and Build a Lean Culture

    Want to raise my blood pressure? Waste my time. My nervous system reacts negatively to inefficiency in part because I can never get back the time that I’ve lost. If waste gives you the heebie-jeebies, then you&#...
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  • The What and Why of Using an SDK for App Development

      One thing that you learn (the hard way, sometimes) as a developer is that the amount of time and effort you invest in writing an application does not necessarily correlate closely with the amount of functional...
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  • Apple Pay Developer - How to Build an Apple Pay Mobile Wallet

    Why develop an Apple Pay mobile wallet? Help unlock more conversions for your customers by understanding the statistics behind the Apple Pay mobile wallet.  While mobile wallet adoption has la...
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  • Getting Started with the triPOS Cloud API

    These days, payments can be done multiple ways: EMV, credit, mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.), to name just a few.   This flexibility of payment options is great in most respects, but it creates ch...
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  • P2PE Secure Coding Checklist

     Adopting a P2PE solution is a great start to securing your retail payments, but it isn’t the end of your security responsibilities as a merchant organization. You still need to enforce best practices for d...
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  • The Advantages of Using iframes for Hosted Payment Pages

    Browser frames — also known as iframes — have been around since Netscape introduced them in 1996. Back then, iframes were sometimes used in ways that appear wacky by modern standards, such as for the struc...
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