• Can your Payment Application Keep a Secret?

    To say that application architectures are evolving quickly is an understatement. In the age of cloud, mobile apps and back-end services can simply never go down.  Developers are increasingly turning to scalable, ...
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  • PSD2: Challenges and Opportunities for Developers

    We polled our twitter audiences to see what they knew about PSD2. Results were mixed!   As payment developers and API programmers, you face pressure to meet today’s consumer expectations to offer digital pa...
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  • Getting Started with WorldPay eProtect

    Financial account data is considered to be some of the most important and sensitive data in existence. And in today’s world, it is also among the most commonly requested data on the Internet. Let’s face it...
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  • The Advantages of Using iframes for Hosted Payment Pages

    Browser frames — also known as iframes — have been around since Netscape introduced them in 1996. Back then, iframes were sometimes used in ways that appear wacky by modern standards, such as for the struc...
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  • Do you know what to look for in P2PE?

    Last year, 85%-90% of all business assets were digital. The average security breach costs U.S. businesses an average of $7.35 million, making information security a top strategic priority for modern businesses. Plus d...
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  • There's more at risk than you think.

      If a business accepts credit or debit cards, they're responsible for protecting their customers' sensitive data from theft and misuse. Knowing the payments security threats that merchants face can help prevent...
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  • Top Five Integrations with a Payment Gateway

    A payment gateway is generally understood to be a software accessible interface provided to various types of merchants that facilitate card or other forms of electronic payments.  Developers can use thi...
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  • Do eCommerce Security Badges Establish Consumer Trust?

    Customers expect their payment data to be protected when used online. As they make a conscious decision when their cardholder data into a website, if the checkout page doesn’t resonate with a sense of trust, the...
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  • Apple’s Face ID Introduces Uncertainties to a Skeptical Market

    Apple will launch Face ID with their Apple X (pronounced Ten) to be released in November. Along with its many new features, it will introduce a new biometric-based technology for customers to authenticate themselves w...
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  • It Takes More than EMV to be Secure

    Small and mid-size merchants have some big decisions to make with EMV that will have an immediate impact on their business. It is imperative that we help them get it right the first time. Simply put, EMV is not just a...
  • PCI and PA DSS Compliance Costs & Challenges

    Amie Jackson, Leader Merchant and Partner Compliance for Vantiv, repeatedly fields questions from developers on anything PCI DSS or PA DSS. It would be reckless to assume that everyone in our space understands all the...
  • Protect your Reputation: 4 Essential Fraud Management Targets for Developers

    Developers prioritizing fraud management in a large stream of financial transactions is a difficult task, but instead of thinking about this from the needle perspective ("needle in a haystack"), allow us to flip the c...
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  • Fight Off Security Threats With Our Comprehensive Security Suite

    Security and risk professionals are continuously hit with the tsunami of new vulnerabilities, and there aren’t any signs of breach activity slowing down. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations ...
  • Cut Through the Clutter of Payment Security Terms

    Payments security is a common topic in the news these days.  From the migration to EMV chip card technology to reports of high profile data breaches, security concerns dominate much of the conversation about paym...
  • Omnicommerce and the evolving nature of fraud

    Developers have a key role to play While fraud has always been a concern, with the EMV liability shift upon us, combating fraud at the point of sale (POS) is top of mind for merchants. As the POS becomes a harder targ...
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