• How to Get Started with Worldpay as a Developer

    So you want to start developing a payment solution using Worldpay from FIS technology. It's easy, right? You’ll simply google it, pick the correct APIs, and start coding. Developers trust that they know their cr...
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  • What do payments look like for you in 2020?

    As we kick off a new year, what does your payment roadmap look like? Are you looking to add a new feature to your payment stack or are you building out your PayFac strategy? Perhaps you are poised to begin your integr...
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  • How to Troubleshoot a Test Payment Fail on Worldpay Express Hosted Payments Page

      Worldpay hosted payment pages provide websites with a simple and secure way to integrate payments into a site without the additional overhead of PCI compliance and the benefit of access to a multitude of payme...
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  • Working With eCommerce Pre-Production Testing Environment

    Testing is a critical component of your payment integration process across in-person, online, and mobile channels. To provide the best customer experience possible, everything within each transaction must work consist...
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  • 5 Additional Payment Integration Questions to Ask Developers

    In part one of this two-part series, we highlighted five critical payment integration questions for the development team.   These questions looked at data security, integration capability, the ability to s...
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  • Getting Started with MercuryPay

    In an increasingly complex environment of payments, we offer a wider range of tools and platforms to help you meet your payment integration objectives. In addition to our other payment solutions, we offer MercuryPay. ...
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  • Getting Started with WorldPay eProtect

    Financial account data is considered to be some of the most important and sensitive data in existence. And in today’s world, it is also among the most commonly requested data on the Internet. Let’s face it...
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  • 5 Critical Payment Integrations Questions for Your Dev Team

      Payments were once a standalone process that signaled the end to a sale of a product or service. Today, global payments are an integral part of a customer experience and involve more interactions and transacti...
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  • 5 Examples of a Good Mobile Flow Checkout

    Businesses invest a lot of resources in getting consumers to click on ads and drawing visitors to websites or mobile apps. They create amazing product displays to make people like and engage with their product catalog...
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  • Best Practices for Implementing Payments for Free Trial Web Applications

    Offering free trial applications is a useful strategy for helping to attract new users. However, in order to retain those users and turn them into paying customers, you need to deliver a flawless experience that helps...
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  • The Advantages of Using iframes for Hosted Payment Pages

    Browser frames — also known as iframes — have been around since Netscape introduced them in 1996. Back then, iframes were sometimes used in ways that appear wacky by modern standards, such as for the struc...
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  • Interchange for Dummies

    A Primer on Card Processing Fees  For developers who have worked mostly with gateways, coding to a payment processor can be a different experience. The interfaces can feel a little more complicated, but it turns...
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  • Choosing the Right Payment API for Developers

    What's the right payment API for developers? When coding a payment solution, choosing the right payment API to help with your payment processing should never be taken lightly.  As developers, whet...
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  • Understanding Interchange

    A Primer on Card Processing Fees for Developers For developers who have worked mostly with eCommerce gateways, coding to a payment processor can be a different experience. The interfaces can feel a little more complic...
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  • Top Five Integrations with a Payment Gateway

    A payment gateway is generally understood to be a software accessible interface provided to various types of merchants that facilitate card or other forms of electronic payments.  Developers can use thi...
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  • Blockchain Explained: Debt Markets and P2P Lending (Part 2)

    P2P Lending in the technological sense is a relatively new phenomenon. In the early part of the millennium, a few P2P marketplaces began to spring up in the U.S. offering (at times) high-risk, high-reward loans. One e...
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  • Payment APIs Demystified - Five Common Types

    As developers know, APIs come in all shapes and sizes.   In this article, I’ll look at how APIs are commonly used in payments and offer a framework for classifying some of Vantiv’s more popular p...
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  • Becoming a Payment Facilitator (Aggregator)

    Top five Payment API Must-Haves for Developers   If you’re familiar with Payment Facilitation, chances are that you’re already pretty savvy about payments. Payment Facilitation can be critical in un...
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  • OmniChannel and your Morning Coffee

    Do your customers appreciate all that development effort?   I consider myself to be a tech-savvy consumer. When I want to grab a coffee from my favorite chain on the way to work, I pull up the merchant provided ...
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  • Blockchain Part 1: Cross-Border Payments and Remittances

    In February I got to attend the distributed markets hackathon and after spending 24 hours hacking our way through The Coffee Chain we won some bitcoin and got third place! If you want to learn more about our experienc...
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