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Value added services offer retailers a platform to help drive repeat business, enhance customer stickiness, and more importantly, understand their customers’ buying behaviors and patterns. Loyalty and marketing programs and data analytics give retailers valuable insights into their customers’ buying preferences and provide the information needed to create effective marketing programs.  An Accenture survey recently reported that 54 percent of shoppers said they are open to sharing personal information and shopping preferences with retailers in order to receive personalized offers, compared to 51 percent last year, and 33 percent in 2014.[1]


The ability to track purchases online, on a mobile device, and in-store gives consumers the flexibility to buy across channels and return products in different channels. These and other features help enhance the customer experience, and are helping drive consumers to adopt mobile payments.


According to CrowdTap, once in-store, more than 80 percent of consumers use their mobile phones to compare prices on other retail sites and social networks, and see if stores have online coupons or loyalty programs.[2]


At Vantiv, we understand that every point of sale business is unique and serves a specific set of customers. Our value added solutions are designed specifically to help your business succeed, no matter what your system, form factors, or target market needs.


A recent survey from Boston Retail Partners revealed that 69 percent of retailers see opportunities to utilize social media to enhance the customer experience.[3] Developers have the option to integrate to a vast array of value added services designed specifically to help their customers leverage social media to generate more revenue, strengthen their brand and improve the consumer experience. Our TechLift and TechTools are designed in a manner to help you enhance your merchant and consumer experience and drive more repeat business.


Below are a few of our value added services that you can take advantage of when integrating payments to your point of sale system. Our team of dedicated TechLift experts can help you get started.



StoreCard is Vantiv Integrated Payments’ suite of stored value solutions designed to create an exceptional merchant and consumer experience. These solutions make it easy for developers to offer customers a feature-packed gift program. Integrating to StoreCard automatically gives your merchants access to customer rewards, mobile gift cards, and more. Additionally, StoreCare features promotional capabilities including social media promotions, digital initiated promotion cards, and more.


StoreCard enables next generation gift features like mobile gift payments, mobile gift card account management, rewards, and social promotion. eGifting capabilities are integrated into StoreCard providing a single integration for POS developers to enable seamless processing with both plastic cards and eGift cards


Account Updater

Account Updater is available for businesses with recurring and card on file billing needs. Integrated with Visa and MasterCard’s account update services, Account Updater makes card management automatic and easy when updating stored token (PASS) records. The solution eliminates the need for merchants to track down customers to update their payment information for recurring billing services. Coupled with our Transform Tokenization technology, Account Updater offers a valuable service that your merchants – and their customers – will appreciate.


Hosted Payments

BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, estimates the number of online shoppers has grown by nearly 20 million from 2015 to 2016. And these 224 million shoppers are spending more, as the total amount spent online grew from $61 billion in the first quarter of 2015 to $68 billion in Q1 2016. Finally, these customers are transacting more frequently, as the number of online transactions has risen by 115 million from 2015 to 2016.[4] Make sure to take your business from in-store to online by enabling our hosted payments option. With a simple API call, your hosted payments page can be displayed in a number of ways, including a full page redirect, an iFrame, a popup etc. and can be displayed in an embedded or non–embedded format.



Our Express platform provides EnhancedBINQuery to determine if a card falls into a specific BIN range.  CardSense is used to determine if a Visa or MasterCard card falls into a specific BIN range and returns a variable number of fields, each representing a single BIN attribute, such as PrepaidCard, DebitCard, and DurbinBINRegulation.


Data and Analytics

Retailers and ISVs have access to an array of metrics on their payment transactions to help better understand shopping patterns and purchasing behavior.  We also provide access to in-depth programmatic reporting on our Express platform. Analytics such as these are also helpful in experimenting with new customer outreach programs.



Security Features:

Unlock a bundle of security features with our security solutions which include:



Reduce the financial risk associated with storing sensitive cardholder data by eliminating the need for merchants to store the data at all.  Payment applications can create payment records on our servers by initially providing the cardholder account number, expiration date, and other card information.  A unique identifier is then generated and provided to the business application. That identifier acts as a pointer for all subsequent transactions and can be stored.


Recurring Transactions

A unique type of transaction where consumers authorize merchants or solution providers to bill a specific card on a regular basis (e.g. monthly membership fees).  Once merchants have scheduled a payment within their recurring billing system, the system submits the transaction details and a flag indicating that it is a recurring transaction, along with the previously-acquired pointer, to our processing platform.


Point-to-point (P2P) encryption

Get more secure payment processing with P2P encryption provided through devices from industry leading hardware manufacturers. Maximize card data protection and transaction security from the point of swipe all the way to authorization. All of our EMV capable devices support P2P encryption as well.


PCI validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

Vantiv Integrated Payments offers the only validated P2PE solution, the strongest protection per PCI SSC for a merchant’s business, that supports Verifone. By leveraging Vantiv’s PCI-validated P2PE solution and our PCI PTS SRED certified hardware, payment applications are removed from PA-DSS compliance and merchants can qualify for reduced PCI-DSS scope. Other encryption products are available, but only Vantiv offers VeriFone PCI PTS certified hardware. Our P2PE certified devices are more secure because the solution is designed to deter tampering from ordering to processing. If malicious activity is detected, the device is disabled, preventing a breach at the point of entry.








It’s that time of the year for the Money2020 Hackathon, and we have bigger and better ideas to help you win bigger and better. If you recall last year, we challenged you to innovate in payments using wearables, virtual reality and other challenges, and we were humbled at the amazing creations put forward by some of the teams. 


Over the last few years, Hackathons have pretty much become the norm for driving research, identifying new ways to problem solve, serving as a breeding ground for ideas, and innovating in a short period of time.  These fun events are meant to help you network with your peers and industry experts, and collaborate and brainstorm like never before. Advancement in technology is driven mostly by disruptions and we are here to help you disrupt the payments ecosystem even further.


At Vantiv, we are constantly thinking about how we can push the boundaries of innovation and how we can help you come up with ideas that are not always considered the norm, and bring them to life.


We are excited to present our challenge statement for you this year at Money2020 to help you think big and drive disruption in the industry like never before!


Vantiv values passion—not only for payments, but for technology, commerce and life.  Just as we challenge ourselves in those areas, we challenge you to solve one of the world's grandest challenges—global warming, food growth/distribution, space travel, medicine, education, inclusion, sustainability, etc. You choose your Grand Challenge and then build an app that helps solve that challenge utilizing Vantiv O.N.E. (One Network Experience).


As part of this challenge we are going to bring some hardware to trigger your creativity:


  • Amazon Echo — Use your brainwaves instead of typing to solve your challenge.
  • Nao robot — robots will obviously be a useful tool in solving any grand challenge.
  • Sphero — See if you can use a simple, programmable ball to help change the world.
  • Cubelets — If spheres aren’t your thing, try stackable, programmable blocks to conquer your challenge.
  • Verifone Carbon – We are partnering with Verifone to offer a first look at their new Verifone Carbon product.  Discover how to use new apps to drive commerce, grow the global economy, and solve your challenge. 


Not into hardware?  Pick any open API that you can mash with our payments APIs to ultimately solve your Grand Challenge and create unique commerce experiences.



(Hardware is limited and you’ll need to qualify for access)


The world needs big thinkers like you....Become part of the Vantiv O.N.E. TechTribe and help make the world a better place.


Look for more blogs in this series to stay informed on what’s coming and how we can help you get up and running, including awesome tips and tricks. To learn more about the prizes we’ll be awarding, how to get started, and engage with us, stay tuned on!

The pace of change in payments is real and fast, challenging all of us involved to keep up with emerging technologies, new payment types, new security guidelines, and so much more. Staying abreast of all these developments is status quo, but being able to innovate amidst change gives one a competitive differentiation.


The payments ecosystem is complex and comprised of many players with key roles. It truly does take a village to influence complex consumer buying patterns and shopping experiences. From acquirers and technology partners, to system integrators, resellers, gateways, and more, many parties have to come together to bring innovation to life for a merchant.

Through Vantiv O.N.E. we strive to deliver an opportunity to enable our partners to innovate easier and go to market faster with emerging technologies. No matter the vertical, market requirements, or system requirements, our developer network offers the tools, resources, and support you need. We are focused on enabling, educating and helping you stay engaged, and with TechTribe, you have one place to connect with fellow developers to learn, be inspired, and share experiences and solutions.


For the first time ever, we are introducing Fireside Chats as an exclusive in-booth experience at RSPA. Fireside Chats will give our our dealers, developers and partners the opportunity to hear from some of our partners firsthand, sharing their stories about how they have innovated to keep pace with change in payments. You’ll gain insights into what’s involved in taking payments to market and creating a unique shopping experience for merchants.


Please join us for Fireside Chats hosted in our booth #509 at RSPA.


August 1st, 5:00 PM

Igniting Payments with Ziosk

Special Guest: Raymond Howard from Ziosk

August 1st, 6:30 PM

Payments: Trends, Tactics and more with Vend

Special Guest: PE from Vend

August 2nd, 1:00 PM

Announcing Vantiv O.N.E. Mobile with special guests

Special Guests: Steve Klebe from Google

August 2nd, 2:00 PM

Simplifying payments innovation with Vantiv O.N.E.

Speakers: Matt Ozvat, Josh Mather, Dan Ourada and Zach Kurka from Vantiv

To understand the future we’ve got to go back in time


We are looking forward to seeing you all in Dallas August 1–3. See you there


Introducing Vantiv O.N.E.

Posted by nnagisetty Jul 24, 2016

The all-in-one developer network for smarter, faster, easier payments integration


Designed by developers, built for developers


From  enterprise businesses to online retailers, payment facilitators to financial institutions, Vantiv has worked with thousands of developers. We’ve partnered with point of sale application developers, integrated partners, independent developers, and others. With years of experience under our belt, we are confident that nobody understands the developer journey in payments like we do. Vantiv Integrated Payments has carved out a path and established a working business model specifically for point of sale ISV developers.


In an effort to continue evolving the payments integration experience, we are launching Vantiv One Network Experience (O.N.E.), a developer network for payment professionals. Vantiv O.N.E is the all-in-one developer program that makes it easier to integrate payments into any application. Vantiv O.N.E. not only provides developers with all the tools and resources they need in one place, but it’s open approach allows for powerful commerce experiences to be built in the easiest manner possible. With its unique experiences and offerings, Vantiv O.N.E sets the foundation for a payments developer experience that is flexible and scalable.


Vantiv O.N.E. offers three specialized features:

  • Tech Tools – provides one-stop access to a comprehensive suite of integration tools  that help developers begin adding payments to their application. Tech Tools includes access to APIs and SDKs with documentation, sample code, developer sandboxes, and simulated test environments.
  • TechLift – offers a central place for personalized payments expertise, guidance, and hands-on help. It includes access to dedicated payments integration experts who offer personalized guidance. Vantiv also has a special Innovation Lab where developers can get help to build payments functionality right on site.
  • TechTribe  – provides one place to connect with fellow developers, to learn, be inspired, and share experiences and solutions.


Vantiv O.N.E follows a truly open approach so developers can work in any popular programming language and accept any payment type … in any channel ... on almost any device. Our business model is built around our payment developer partners and we are dedicated to making it faster and easier to bring their solutions to market.


Driving omnicommerce

Fueled by intense competition and the need to deliver a seamless customer experience, the retail experience is transforming– and also fueling payments innovation. Whether your customers buy online and pick-up in-store, order on their smartphone and make returns in-store, need one receipt for multiple transactions, checkout in-store or in an app, they can do it all with the peace of mind that their transactions are secure. Our APIs are accessible on Vantiv O.N.E and come packed with all the technology you need to enable these types of transactions, and so much more.

Given the complexities of the payments landscape it’s challenging to stay on top of emerging technologies, current security standards and the ever evolving consumer purchase patterns. Vantiv O.N.E. helps in three ways.


First, Vantiv O.N.E. features information about all Vantiv products, You can learn about our latest product releases, follow our blogs, access resources and documentation on all of our APIs and SDKs, get started in our sandboxes and get going on our simulated test environments. We have made it easier to collaborate on projects with us by enabling social engagement across the entire web destination. You can even join our beta programs and contribute to product feedback.


Second, we recognize that developer needs are unique. Vantiv O.N.E. makes it possible to become familiar with our payment experts and your peers, and makes it possible to ideate, collaborate, seek answers, share stories, provide inputs, and stay engaged.


Finally, TechLift lets you evangelize with our experts and experiment in our lab. Let us do the heavy lifting and share the latest in payments innovations with you. You can even get hands-on help from your dedicated account engineer for technical payments expertise. Meet us to share ideas over happy hour or at a meet-up, hackathons, and other exciting events.


Consider this just the beginning of a tremendous resource that can help shape how you take payments to market. We can provide you with the tools and techniques to expand what you do with payments.


Keep an eye out for these new features of Vantiv O.N.E. – coming soon:

  • Vantiv Education Series to help you stay tuned to payments.
  • Vantiv Mobile Community to help you enable mobile commerce experiences
  • Additional resources and guides around integrating to our APIs/SDKs
  • Additional demos and TechTalks around our APIs


You build the APP, we make it PAY.


</ Thank you>

Developers have a key role to play

While fraud has always been a concern, with the EMV liability shift upon us, combating fraud at the point of sale (POS) is top of mind for merchants. As the POS becomes a harder target however, fraudsters are likely to shift their focus toward softer targets like the merchant website and mobile platforms. As the nature of the threat evolves, developers have a key role to play in helping merchants combat fraud across all their payment channels.

Striking the right balance

Developers of payment applications face a difficult dilemma. If they don’t pay enough attention to fraud, they leave the merchants that rely on them vulnerable to increased chargebacks, sanctions from credit card companies and other potential costs. If developers are too aggressive in implementing anti-fraud measures, they risk turning away legitimate transactions and antagonizing the merchant’s customers. Merchants are looking for the “Goldilocks solution” – one that calibrates anti-fraud measures precisely such that they catch the majority of bad transactions while minimizing false positives. With this in mind, it is useful to step back and recall how fraud, and associated countermeasures have evolved.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Innovations in fraud prevention have come about mainly in response to abuse. Looking back almost a decade and half, when card fraud became an issue with CNP eCommerce and other channels such as mail order and telephone order transactions, the card industry responded with Card Verification Values (CVV) and the Address Verification Service (AVS). These measures, implemented around the year 2000, helped ensure that customers were physically in possession of cards and helped merchants manage fraud from stolen cards. Most developers built applications with custom logic or in-house rules to filter or perform additional reviews on transactions that failed AVS or CVV. They paired these basic checks with certain white lists and black lists based on the card number and customer name. These basic filters and black lists are now table stakes for most payment processors. For example, Vantiv offers a wealth of features that help eCommerce merchants make better decisions about what transactions to accept. These include additional options to Filter pre-paid cards to avoid them being used for recurring payment transactions, flagging cards that have resulted in prior chargebacks, and velocity filters that can trigger declines when a threshold number of authorization or sales transactions have taken place.

Beyond these basic capabilities, Advanced Fraud Tools from Vantiv help “score” transactions based on dozens of fraud predictors for even greater accuracy. Some specific techniques include:

  • Fingerprinting devices, and detecting machines that have exceeded configurable payment thresholds within particular periods
  • Detecting devices originating transactions on behalf of multiple customers
  • Identifying devices originating transactions through multiple proxies, anonymous proxies, or attempting to cloak their identity
  • Flagging transactions involving the same customer originating from multiple geographies or mismatches between the location and the browser language

While these techniques are powerful, cost is an issue - especially for smaller merchants. Having dedicated analysts and even data scientists on staff makes sense for large merchants where the savings outweigh the costs, but smaller merchants cannot deploy the same types of sophisticated analytic environments that will make sense for a major retailer.

Toward more automated detection

To address the challenge of providing increasingly sophisticated analytics in a manner that is easy for developers to implement and merchants to manage, leading providers like Vantiv are investing in new approaches to better detect and manage fraud. One such approach is the use of “beacon” technology – small fragments of JavaScript that developers can embed in the merchant’s web store that silently relays telemetry back to the payment provider, tracking the behavior of the website visitor at every step (behavioural analysis). Similar to the way Google Analytics functions, this approach frees developers from the need to instrument and analyze fraud related activity themselves.

Owing to their economies of scale, payment processors collaborating with Fraud providers can centrally and cost-efficiently deliver sophisticated behavior-based analytics, monitoring users for anomalous behavior on the website and flagging activity that looks suspicious. By processing this gathered information with machine-learning algorithms able to fine tune predictive models, merchants can find the optimal balance. This level of sophistication would be impractical and cost prohibitive for most merchants to implement and manage themselves.

Vantiv provides developers with a choice. They can collect critical information, relay it to Vantiv as payment transaction metadata, and let Vantiv make the determination of what constitutes fraud based on server-side fraud detection settings configurable for each merchant. As an alternative, developers can take advantage of API level extensions that expose sophisticated anti-fraud capabilities, providing developers with more granular control over how to handle potentially fraudulent transactions.

Taking a broader view of fraud

With the need to support EMV, developers and merchants are re-examining their POS technologies. The time is ripe to think beyond the checkout line, to solutions that can cost efficiently combat fraud across all the channels. For developers interested in learning more about how developers can help reduce fraud for CNP transactions, download our whitepaper A Developer’s Guide to Combating Fraud.

More information about Vantiv’s Advanced Fraud Technologies, and other security solutions of interest to developers, visit the Vantiv Developer Network at