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We're currently conducting the WorldPay's Developer Insights Survey - a survey to explore the landscape of developers coding for payments and commerceHere are some highlights we've collected so far: 


  1. Almost 75% of respondents identify as full-stack or back-end developers:
  2. About 1/3 develop computer software and nearly 1/4 are coding for into financial services:
  3. Most of the developers surveyed started coding as kids, between the ages of 10-17.
  4. Payments developers love Python (C++ is in the 2nd place).
  5. Developers choose  cats and narwhals over  dogs and unicorns
  6. 61% of payments developers use Agile development methodology
  7. Developers prefer to work in an office. Only 5% of responders work from home.
  8. When asked how long they've been coding, most professional payments developers selected "a long, long time, young padawan." 
  9.  Only 21% of survey respondents were under 30.

Thanks for reading!

If you can spare 5–10 minutes, go take the survey yourself: