What do payments look like for you in 2020?

Blog Post created by andrew.harris on Feb 13, 2020

As we kick off a new year, what does your payment roadmap look like? Are you looking to add a new feature to your payment stack or are you building out your PayFac strategy? Perhaps you are poised to begin your integration to Worldpay from FIS in North America. 


There is so much to consider when it comes to integrating payments into your point of sale [ Express API ] or hosted payments page. If you have questions about PCI Compliance or you are ready to talk to a payments professional we have the answers. If you want to learn more about integrated payments first, perhaps start here


Our solutions range from integrations for small businesses all the way to the enterprise.

Payment development can be daunting, and having someone to help you guide you through your journey is what Worldpay from FIS is all about. 

This community is geared towards North America Merchant Solutions, so if you are looking for eCommerce API documentation and are outside of the US, then check out our eCommerce API Portal


The payments landscape is ever-changing, integrations are becoming more layered, there are many value-added services that can be added; keeping up with complex data is now the norm. Worldpay from FIS have multiple solutions to keep you out-of-scope as well as experts to help you with Level II and Level III processing. 


So I ask you again, what does your 2020 look like in terms of adding or enhancing payments for your customers? Let us know, reach out to our team or add in a comment below. Happy New Year! Here's to an amazing year in payments!