Troubleshooting Corner: eCommerce Sandbox

Blog Post created by daniperea on Jul 19, 2018

troubleshooting the eCommerce sandbox


Got 99 problems and access to our eCommerce sandbox is one (or all) of them?


First, bookmark Vantiv eCommerce Sandbox  for easy reference, then read on for the answers to 3 common Sandbox troubleshooting questions.


1) The url doesn’t work.


Make sure you’re using the correct url: https://www.testvantivcnp.com/sandbox/communicator/online.


We also recently expanded the sandbox to allow testing of our chargeback API. The URL to do this is: https://www.testvantivcnp.com/sandbox/services/chargebacks


2) Oops, you’re not in the Sandbox environment, you’re in the prelive environment.


How do you tell if you’re in the sandbox or the prelive environment?

This is easy-peasy. If the url has “prelive” in it, you’re in the prelive environment. If the url has sandbox in it, you’re in the sandbox environment.


Once you have applications working in the Sandbox, you can request access to our Pre-Live environment for additional testing. The prelive environment has scheduled maintenance on Tuesdays and Thursdays which is why you might see unresponsiveness. Please contact support at ecc@vantiv.com for prelive issues.


From: Is the sandbox site down? 


3) This still isn’t working - what can I do?

Have no fear, contact our helpful support team at sdksupport@vantiv.com.


The sandbox can tell you if it’s up or not. The live status can be checked at https://vantiv.github.io/sandbox/