Young Developer Spotlight: Martin Kohlman

Blog Post created by daniperea on Oct 24, 2017

Martin Kohlman is a senior at Miami University. This year, he is interning with Vantiv's Corporate Platforms team in Cincinnati. Here is Martin with a very important member of the Vantiv team, Bean the fish. (You can tell his internship is going swimmingly.)

Martin Kohlman.jpg


Why did you choose Vantiv for your summer and fall internship?

I participated in a STEM job shadow day through Miami University, and was very excited to learn that there was a position available as an intern to shadow a scrum master. My studies have had a heavy focus on Agile methodology, and the opportunity to receive hands-on experience working with a team in the Agile space was a great opportunity.


What are you majoring in?

I am majoring in Software Engineering, and focusing my studies on a higher level with topics such as the different phases of the software development lifecycle, and Agile as a whole. I enjoy studying different ways in which a team can be successful together, and how to make positive process improvements to maximize efficiency and enjoyment within a team environment.


What have you learned during your experience with us?

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. First and foremost, I’ve learned that Agile is just a framework, and should be treated as such. There is no one-stop-shop that will make a team work smoothly all the time. Teams vary greatly in personality types, work ethics, and Agile maturity. Taking this into consideration while working with each individual team not only sets them up for success in completing their work, but also provides a chance for them to grow as a team. This growth, in turn, will give way to the team being more proficient in the work they are doing. Secondly, I’ve gained a great amount of insight into what the day-to-day of a scrum master is, what it means to be a servant leader, and what I can do to bring value to each of the teams that I have been working with. 


What are your career goals?

Looking to the near future, namely June of 2018, I am beginning my first rotation in the technology Future Leader Development Program. I am very excited about the amount of knowledge I will be able to gain from working with different teams throughout my time as an FLDP, as well as the prospect of forging new relationships around Vantiv. Long term, I hope to put this knowledge to good use and to one day hold a position of leadership. I want to do my best to positively affect my future peers and colleagues, and the company as a whole.