Future Leaders Development Program Spotlight: Alex Ehrman

Blog Post created by daniperea on Sep 20, 2017

Vantiv's Future Leader Development program (FLDP) is for people who join Vantiv through our internship program or immediately following college or university. It's a highly-competitive, two-year program along three tracks: finance; technology; and risk, security & compliance.


I caught up with FLDP member Alex Ehrman to ask him how he found Vantiv and what he loves about the program.

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Q: Why did you select Vantiv when searching for a full-time role?

A: I chose Vantiv when searching for a full-time role due to the fast-paced culture, the opportunity to explore multiple verticals of the business through the FLDP program, and because of the high-growth industry.


Q: What do you love most about the Future Leaders Development Program – Finance?

A: The flexibility of the program allows each FLDP to explore the areas of Finance that they are most interested in as well as areas that will best aid long-term development. Program flexibility has helped me discover what I want to do as I progress in my career.