Developer Tracker | June 2017 | Developing a Healthy Online Business

Blog Post created by mcafiero on Jul 11, 2017

Every month, Vantiv and team up to deliver the latest news in developer spaces. Here’s the overview of the Developer Tracker published in June 2017.


apple-pay-and-omnichannel.jpgIn the growing pursuit of health and longevity, and any of the facets with which they encompass, success within the health industry no longer relies on great products alone.   Health and wellness companies must possess a greater understanding of their customers beyond the product itself, who now desire a truly personalized experience; from the products that meet their specific needs, the channels of communication they prefer, to the experience that defines their transactions.


The greatest challenge for any new company in this industry is having the broader intuition and all-encompassing understanding of their target market.  Much of NutraClick's success can be attributed to their customer-centric approach, both from a product standpoint to a more widespread understanding of consumer behavior.


June's Developer TrackerTM provides business leaders from all industries with an omnichannel case-study that we can all learn from in today's evolving world of payments.


The most profound of NutraClick's strategy is the simple concept to zig where others zag.  Most health product companies tend to follow a predictable strategy upon getting to market; often this strategy includes elaborate photo shoots with sponsored athletes in an effort to influence with images that are assumed to inspire the masses.  NutraClick took a different approach, and decided to instead focus on the buying behaviors of their target market and make the purchasing experience more appealing and convenient. 


That, and a more sincere effort to help their buyers reach their specific wellness goals are some of the ways that NutraClick broke free from the status quo marketing in their industry, to create a more loyal culture of customers.  One particular initiative includes the integration of Apple Pay, both online and in-app. 


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