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I remember years back in economic class, learning the concept of the "Invisible Hand" influencing markets to find natural equilibrium. Around this same time I read a book called "Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands"* that emphasized the importance of customs and protocol's for doing business in other countries. For some reason the two seem very intertwined in my mind as critical to doing business right. On one hand there are forces impacting a business that we are not always aware of. While the other hand we may be doing business without knowing how we're blundering through and insulting those we hope to do business with. Two months back, I was assigned to work with our data science and product team to help bring to market Vantiv BizShield and Insights powered by Womply.


As many are aware, what we don't know or see can and usually does impact our business. For a merchant, this typically takes the form of our social media presence (or lack of presence). Most merchants don't have the time to keep up with social media sites. Vantiv BizShield is the first defense for merchants. BizShield alerts merchants when they get a review so that they can take action. So as the invisible hand of the social media world is constantly shifting, the merchant is kept aware of what's going on. The next level of defense is Insights. Insights allows the merchant to take action and improve their social marketing position. In some cases the merchant may not know their business name is unclaimed (and possibly getting negative reviews). Or in other cases the merchant is receiving positive and negative reviews that they need to act on to keep their name as positive as possible. As part of this engagement they are learning how to engage their customers. So as the invisible hand of social marketing is impacting a company, insights is helping to properly engage and resolve customer concerns as they happen.


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*Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway

**Winning Them Over is The Key to Growth