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triPOS a Smart Approach for Integrated Payments

Blog Post created by Worldpay Developer Community Support Team on Feb 1, 2017

Merchants are becoming more aware every day about the security threats they face when accepting sensitive card data. To that extent, they have more resources at their fingertips to determine the best and most secure payment solution on the market. Having access to the PCI Council’s website listing validated solutions or cost effective mobile solutions merchants are expecting more than low processing rates and a standalone terminal. As a developer, what are you doing to stand out?


The SI Advantage

A semi-integrated solution is certified to secure hardware and the target host so that the ISV doesn’t have to; the ISV only integrates to the business logic, not the host, shifting the responsibility to the SI provider. SI solutions can help minimize the upfront effort and costs associated with certification, and ease the total cost of ownership with a simple, singular interface to access all services. One example of a software-based, SI solution is triPOS from Vantiv.


Payment Simplicity that Matters

Accelerating changes in the payments industry has made Vantiv acutely aware that our POS developers face a difficult dilemma: creating a solution that protects card data without compromising customization or cost. The cost of a data breach can range from $5,000 to $100,000 in fines,[1] and the cost to develop PA-DSS validated solutions can be upwards of $30,000. In addition, the impact from EMV and removing sensitive card data from the POS can hinder the convenience customers and merchants expect.


To help solve this dilemma, we set off to strategically invest in building simple, commerce-enabled solutions that are secure, open and offer value to the POS. triPOS is one of our solutions that developers can count on. It has a lightweight design, removes developers from PA-DSS scope and greatly reduces the merchant’s PCI-DSS with P2PE and tokenization technology. Plus, the POS functionality remains within your control. triPOS manages device drivers on your behalf and with a simple configuration file, developers can quickly begin coding and testing their application for production processing.


Learning the nuances involved with payments and complex APIs like ISO 8583 can be time consuming and require large scale teams to complete. Payment simplicity is restored with triPOS because 80% of the code managing payments is done for you. Developers can now focus more on the user experience, creating robust reporting or business management tools.


Customization vs. Complexity

Vantiv provides developers with a choice. They can integrate to complex device APIs, continuously re-certify their payment application and struggle to be first to market.  Or, they can use triPOS, which is already certified, and delivers new features automatically without needing to re-integrate—whether it is a new supported device or an additional payment processor for EMV. One EMV certified device used by triPOS is the Verifone MX915, a small, sleek device designed to engage consumers in new ways with its full-motion video display. Developers can take advantage of custom device forms to enhance the consumer experience, or help merchants advertise more business.

triPOS is built for simplicity, but is packed with features that helps your payment solution stand out from the competition:


Element Gateway – offers access to multiple processors, so merchants aren’t locked in to a single processor.

Account Updater – provides merchants with seamless updates to their customers’ recurring billing account information using our Transform tokenization.

Store N Forward – allows merchants store encrypted pre-authorized card data until the POS system is back online.

Data Security – TransForm P2PE validated and Tokenization are built in to the solution.

Pass-Through – triPOS devices can read non-financial cards without encrypting the data for internal use.


A Smart Approach to Mobile Payments

With the need to support chip cards and desire to accept NFC, merchants are re-examining their POS technologies with an eye toward increased security. This is a great time for developers to enhance their solutions, and partnering with Vantiv and integrating triPOS opens the door for cutting edge technology that better prepares you for the future.

Younger generations are taking mobile payments seriously. Young adults continue to lead the smartphone revolution, with 89% of respondents’ aged 18 to 34 indicating they own smartphones.[2] The transition from traditional cash or credit card payments to new methods hasn’t happened overnight, but the ease of use and convenience associated with mobile payments is appealing—42% of smartphone owners surveyed by Mercator Group, say they have tried mobile payments either in-store or at online retailers.[3]


That’s good news for developers because mobile payments come with a number of benefits that will help increase their merchant base and revenue, while providing faster checkout times and better security. Using NFC helps put security at the top of your priority list. Unlike a magnetic stripe card, consumers’ personal information is never in direct contact with the point-of-sale. Technologies such as fingerprint scanning or passwords to pay add another layer of security that chip cards can’t address.


Let triPOS help your solution stand out by taking advantage of a single simple integration without sacrificing customization or security. To learn more about triPOS or partnering with Vantiv, contact us today.





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