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Leading the Payments Landscape for Cloud POS

Blog Post created by Worldpay Developer Community Support Team on Feb 1, 2017

As integrated point-of-sale systems continue to become mainstream for merchants who want more from their business management tools, cloud processing offers an attractive solution. Cloud POS software developers can more easily enable enterprise technology to SMBs. However, POS developers making the jump to cloud or web-based solutions are finding it difficult to interact with on-site hardware such as chip card terminals.



How Cloud Processing is Changing the Landscape

According to Gartner, “By 2018 Software-as-a-service (SaaS) cannibalization is expected to create a 40% reduction in maintenance and support…ISVs without a clear sales strategy for delivering and managing the transition to cloud services will see support revenue and margin erosion.¹” Cloud-based POS platforms differentiate themselves from standalone terminals, software installed solutions and native mobile platforms because merchants can:


  • run their business from anywhere
  • generate real-time reports and alerts
  • receive real-time software updates
  • create a smaller footprint with less hardware on premise


With the need to support chip and PIN, merchants are re-examining their POS technologies. Help retail merchants think beyond the checkout line and deliver solutions that can cost efficiently incorporate enterprise level tools. Chip cards and mPOS are intersecting with cloud POS solutions and SMB merchants in the restaurant business are rethinking how they interact with customers. They need a single solution that utilizes pay at table device hardware or traditional PIN pads behind the bar.


Take advantage of an API that supports multiple device APIs, powered by a processing platform, Express, which solves for a variety of merchant verticals. Vantiv Integrated Payments enables cloud processing and device hardware management through triPOS Cloud. ISVs can focus on the merchant benefits above and worry less about costly certifications for chip and PIN or time-consuming PA-DSS validations.


What our Solution does for Developers

Using a lightweight API, developers only need to initiate the payment request (with minimal transaction details) through triPOS and the solution takes care of the rest. Our tokenization technology is built into the solution, enabling faster follow up transaction management like voids or tip adjusts.


With “56% of consumers willing to use their mobile device to pay for products they are shopping for” (Mobile Commerce Press, December 2014)² , you should know that your solution will be automatically enabled to support technology like Apple Pay or Android Pay with no additional device integration work.


In addition, triPOS Cloud creates a simple pairing process with the device and workstation, which helps to reduce your installation costs. There are no networking requirements and with a simple POS configuration, merchants can be up and processing in no time.


Start Integrating Today

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