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The pace of change in payments is real and fast, challenging all of us involved to keep up with emerging technologies, new payment types, new security guidelines, and so much more. Staying abreast of all these developments is status quo, but being able to innovate amidst change gives one a competitive differentiation.


The payments ecosystem is complex and comprised of many players with key roles. It truly does take a village to influence complex consumer buying patterns and shopping experiences. From acquirers and technology partners, to system integrators, resellers, gateways, and more, many parties have to come together to bring innovation to life for a merchant.

Through Vantiv O.N.E. we strive to deliver an opportunity to enable our partners to innovate easier and go to market faster with emerging technologies. No matter the vertical, market requirements, or system requirements, our developer network offers the tools, resources, and support you need. We are focused on enabling, educating and helping you stay engaged, and with TechTribe, you have one place to connect with fellow developers to learn, be inspired, and share experiences and solutions.


For the first time ever, we are introducing Fireside Chats as an exclusive in-booth experience at RSPA. Fireside Chats will give our our dealers, developers and partners the opportunity to hear from some of our partners firsthand, sharing their stories about how they have innovated to keep pace with change in payments. You’ll gain insights into what’s involved in taking payments to market and creating a unique shopping experience for merchants.


Please join us for Fireside Chats hosted in our booth #509 at RSPA.


August 1st, 5:00 PM

Igniting Payments with Ziosk

Special Guest: Raymond Howard from Ziosk

August 1st, 6:30 PM

Payments: Trends, Tactics and more with Vend

Special Guest: PE from Vend

August 2nd, 1:00 PM

Announcing Vantiv O.N.E. Mobile with special guests

Special Guests: Steve Klebe from Google

August 2nd, 2:00 PM

Simplifying payments innovation with Vantiv O.N.E.

Speakers: Matt Ozvat, Josh Mather, Dan Ourada and Zach Kurka from Vantiv

To understand the future we’ve got to go back in time


We are looking forward to seeing you all in Dallas August 1–3. See you there


Introducing Vantiv O.N.E.

Posted by nnagisetty Jul 24, 2016

The all-in-one developer network for smarter, faster, easier payments integration


Designed by developers, built for developers


From  enterprise businesses to online retailers, payment facilitators to financial institutions, Vantiv has worked with thousands of developers. We’ve partnered with point of sale application developers, integrated partners, independent developers, and others. With years of experience under our belt, we are confident that nobody understands the developer journey in payments like we do. Vantiv Integrated Payments has carved out a path and established a working business model specifically for point of sale ISV developers.


In an effort to continue evolving the payments integration experience, we are launching Vantiv One Network Experience (O.N.E.), a developer network for payment professionals. Vantiv O.N.E is the all-in-one developer program that makes it easier to integrate payments into any application. Vantiv O.N.E. not only provides developers with all the tools and resources they need in one place, but it’s open approach allows for powerful commerce experiences to be built in the easiest manner possible. With its unique experiences and offerings, Vantiv O.N.E sets the foundation for a payments developer experience that is flexible and scalable.


Vantiv O.N.E. offers three specialized features:

  • Tech Tools – provides one-stop access to a comprehensive suite of integration tools  that help developers begin adding payments to their application. Tech Tools includes access to APIs and SDKs with documentation, sample code, developer sandboxes, and simulated test environments.
  • TechLift – offers a central place for personalized payments expertise, guidance, and hands-on help. It includes access to dedicated payments integration experts who offer personalized guidance. Vantiv also has a special Innovation Lab where developers can get help to build payments functionality right on site.
  • TechTribe  – provides one place to connect with fellow developers, to learn, be inspired, and share experiences and solutions.


Vantiv O.N.E follows a truly open approach so developers can work in any popular programming language and accept any payment type … in any channel ... on almost any device. Our business model is built around our payment developer partners and we are dedicated to making it faster and easier to bring their solutions to market.


Driving omnicommerce

Fueled by intense competition and the need to deliver a seamless customer experience, the retail experience is transforming– and also fueling payments innovation. Whether your customers buy online and pick-up in-store, order on their smartphone and make returns in-store, need one receipt for multiple transactions, checkout in-store or in an app, they can do it all with the peace of mind that their transactions are secure. Our APIs are accessible on Vantiv O.N.E and come packed with all the technology you need to enable these types of transactions, and so much more.

Given the complexities of the payments landscape it’s challenging to stay on top of emerging technologies, current security standards and the ever evolving consumer purchase patterns. Vantiv O.N.E. helps in three ways.


First, Vantiv O.N.E. features information about all Vantiv products, You can learn about our latest product releases, follow our blogs, access resources and documentation on all of our APIs and SDKs, get started in our sandboxes and get going on our simulated test environments. We have made it easier to collaborate on projects with us by enabling social engagement across the entire web destination. You can even join our beta programs and contribute to product feedback.


Second, we recognize that developer needs are unique. Vantiv O.N.E. makes it possible to become familiar with our payment experts and your peers, and makes it possible to ideate, collaborate, seek answers, share stories, provide inputs, and stay engaged.


Finally, TechLift lets you evangelize with our experts and experiment in our lab. Let us do the heavy lifting and share the latest in payments innovations with you. You can even get hands-on help from your dedicated account engineer for technical payments expertise. Meet us to share ideas over happy hour or at a meet-up, hackathons, and other exciting events.


Consider this just the beginning of a tremendous resource that can help shape how you take payments to market. We can provide you with the tools and techniques to expand what you do with payments.


Keep an eye out for these new features of Vantiv O.N.E. – coming soon:

  • Vantiv Education Series to help you stay tuned to payments.
  • Vantiv Mobile Community to help you enable mobile commerce experiences
  • Additional resources and guides around integrating to our APIs/SDKs
  • Additional demos and TechTalks around our APIs


You build the APP, we make it PAY.


</ Thank you>


Vantiv and the AARP GameJam

Posted by dourada Jul 20, 2016

Vantiv had the honor of sponsoring the inaugural AARP GameJam competition that concluded in June with a Shark Tank like pitch contest of three teams: Team Trainwreck from UCSC, Team Trilingual from George Mason University, and Team Puddin’ from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Team Trainwreck prevailed and took home the $10,000 check for their game “Letters of Mystery", but the other two teams certainly challenged for the lead with their inventive games “Neighbors,” and “Furrow.”


Game Jam Finalists


As part of our sponsorship, our technology evangelists had the opportunity to mentor teams in the month before the final pitch session. Meeting new people and diving into the technology during these challenges is one of our favorite ways to engage the wider developer community.  There is so much that goes into these month long challenges, especially for students and people with full time jobs.  Juggling an additional full-time endeavor with their already busy daily lives was a constant struggle.  But they found a way, and came to the competition with highly entertaining and well thought out games.


The people that compete in these challenges are the exact type of people we want on our team at Vantiv.  Creative, focused, hard-working, able to prioritize and solve problems quickly.  Not to mention the ability to convey technical concepts in a bit of a stressful environment.


Why Vantiv

Did you know that Vantiv has an Entertainment Solutions division?  We serve gaming and entertainment markets including casinos, resorts, digital gaming, entertainment venues, digital licensed content, and more.  As part of our interest in and dedication to the gaming industry, we became an ESA Member.  One of our favorite perks of membership is participating in activities like the GameJam.  As technology evangelists,  we love supporting geeky/techie challenges of all sorts, and the GameJam was right up our alley.  Vantiv Entertainment Solutions will continue to build on the relationship with both AARP and ESA and look forward to future jams.  You bring the entertainment and we'll provide the payments.


What did we learn?

  • Set goals upfront.  With a limited amount of time, the ability to tap into hyper focus is imperative.  Is the goal to win the challenge or just build the best game?
  • Have a compelling story to tell as part of your pitch.
  • Practice, practice, practice....when pitching in a shark tank like contest, nailing your presentation is probably more important than the product demo.
  • Ask everyone and anyone if they will listen to your presentation and provide constructive feedback.  It's  hard to find people that will actually offer constructive criticism rather than a generic "that's a great idea."  Search out those that make your product/idea better.
  • Truly understand the persona of your audience and try to put yourself in their shoes.


For a full recap of the event visit the AARP site.


Innovation and RetailNOW

Posted by dourada Jul 19, 2016



RetailNOW 2016 is almost upon us and we cannot wait to gather in Dallas and reconnect with all of our existing partners and meet potential new partners.  Those notorious three little letters, EMV, are likely to provide some great conversation.  Security is always top of mind for Vantiv Integrated Payments, but EMV, end to end encryption, tokenization, and security in general are now ingrained in the industry.  A trend which we think is fantastic.


Now that the market has produced the first iteration of EMV products and solutions, we expect to start seeing products emerge with refined use cases like pay at table and better solutions for ISVs with specific software architectures.  We will demo some of these solutions.


In addition to feeding the EMV 'monster' we are also excited to showcase a few exciting technologies we have been working with in the "lab".  We believe that these technologies will eventually make their way into the channel and there is nothing better than taking a deep dive now and leading change vs. reacting to change.  We will keep the innovation demos a secret for now but envision:  augmented reality, virtual reality, telepresence robotics, voice first technologies, and blockchain technology.




With that I would like to introduce you to an overview of how the Vantiv O.N.E. team thinks about innovation.




Vantiv respects tradition, but we also know the world is changing at an incredible pace that requires constant attention to continuous improvement and building new traditions.  Our new traditions are built on a foundation of daily reflection and innovation.  We do not limit innovation to the latest and greatest technology toys; we are as exhilarated when we develop a new business process that saves us time as we are when developing a new product. Innovation is a team effort--we work across our organization to search out diverse backgrounds that add new perspectives.  We understand that many interesting discoveries are not found within a team but on the 'edges' where multiple teams bump into another or one product slides against another product.  These chaotic systems are where we find truth and we fully immerse ourselves in the fractals.  This innovation culture runs deep in our genes as a tech tribe and we want to share that culture as part of our open platform ecosystem.  Openness, tradition (old and new), and passion make us innovators and helps define Vantiv O.N.E.




How do you innovate?  What are you innovating?


We cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!

In May, the Vantiv team competed in a hackathon challenge sponsored by, aka the challenge.  The goal was to use the Amazon echo device to reimagine how customers interact with a commerce ecosystem.  It is a fascinating world we live in. Technology is moving so fast, and it was amazing to work with a Voice First technology platform.



The team consisted of software developers representing many different teams within Vantiv. We were graced with a few members of our product team, and technology evangelism would never miss a chance at innovating and meeting new people. The best part about challenges like this is the process and getting to know new people. It's a team building event injected with rocket fuel. 


The challenge kicked off in late April and ran through June first.  I am not sure how everyone did it, but month-long hackathons are challenging from both a logistical and time commitment perspective.  We are in one of the most important periods in the payments industry so our day jobs are obviously first priority, but innovation permeates our lives and we love opportunities to flex our creative minds.




What was our innovation?  We did not know all of the features of the Amazon Echo when we initially started brainstorming. We thought Alexa driving auctions like a true auctioneer would be a fun use case to work with.  As it turns out, it’s not possible to drive” the Echo. Instead, the Echo only responds to a user action.  But we decided to keep the auction idea and tried to re-imagine how users would interact with auctions with VoiceFirst technology. 




How did we do it?  First, we split into two teams, the A-team (Alexa) and the W-team (Web).  We thought there would be an easy line delineating the two different features:  (1) How a user would sign up to participate in and manage auctions, and (2) How a user interacts with the auction via Alexa.  After developing a beautiful website, we agreed to abandon implementing the plumbing that would connect the data entered via the website to the Alexa device itself, and instead decided to hard code most of the Alexa work. This allowed us to focus more on how Voice First or ZeroUI technologies function.




What were some of the fun things we learned? To make Alexa pronounce Vantiv correctly we had to add an “e” to the end of Vantiv. If you have two Amazon Echos you can make them talk to each other and answer questions. We also envisioned software deployment in the future by making Alexa build and deploy code to AWS with voice commands.


We were also able to incorporate some Vantiv technology into the challenge. The winning bidder can easily pay for their item via Vantiv's OmniToken technology which allows us to integrate to the Vantiv platform securely, capture customers’ credit card information, and make payments all without storing credit card data. Even in our innovation challenges, security is a first-class citizen.


The end result of the challenge is shown in the beautiful four-minute video above.  We had a blast, we hope everyone else had a blast, and we thank everyone who helped us. We would like to offer a specific thank you to the and Amazon teams that accompanied our hackathon team from the very beginning.


We look forward to participating in many more innovation challenges, but at the end of the day, innovation is business as usual at Vantiv.