2020 Vision puts the sights on Verifone Carbon

Blog Post created by jmather on Oct 21, 2016

At Vantiv, we have the opportunity to be introduced to exciting events, devices, and technologies in fintech quite often. One of the devices worth exploring and writing about is the new Verifone Carbon which we are excited to present here today. This device is truly transforming the point of sale into the point of relationship.


Take a peek at how beautiful this device is here:



Notice the mobility of the device facilitated by two screens? One screen is the terminal side, the other is the "POS" side. You can use it on a countertop or literally pick it up, walk around, and take a payment wherever you want.


The standard credit card terminal has always been notoriously difficult to innovate on. But since the terminal side has its own certified payments application, the Carbon Commerce Platform eases this process for developers.  With the payment piece abstracted away from the developer, it’s easy to develop innovative and relevant applications on the terminal side without the need for recertification. This platform allows development using standard web based tools: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and a series of non-payment interaction triggers. These triggers enable the commerce application to take actions as the payment flow occurs.


With this level of simplicity, we’re talking about enhancements like easy loyalty, innovative concierge programs and instant customer feedback. Add in the mobility aspect of Carbon, and the possibilities really come to life.


Another great thing Verifone has done with this device is to create a simulator for the commerce application side as well. This allows you to fire up the Carbon SDK in Android studio, write your application, communicate with third party services, interact with your Android tablet application and perhaps just change the world.


Here are some screenshots of the terminal simulator out of Android Studio:




The tablet side of Carbon allows all Android fans and developers to unite. You have the full power of Android studio and JDK at your fingertips. The Verifone SDK is integrated directly with Android studio and gives you an amazing set of tools to build interoperations between the tablet/POS with the terminal commerce side.


The tablet side of the Carbon has access to the described triggers as well, again allowing it to interact with the payment flow and the developer’s commerce application. In case you missed it, the innovation potential is high here.

Here is the media announcement, Android fans unite!


To get more information about developing on the Carbon, or if you want to explore the documentation and download the sdk visit our Money 2020 Hackathon site here.


Stay tuned for a short tutorial on how the Carbon SDK is used soon.