Passion + Commerce = Innovative Solutions at Money 2020

Blog Post created by jmather on Oct 10, 2016

As you may know, the Money 20/20 Hackathon is now the premier event for the best hackers representing financial services and commerce technology. In case you haven't heard, Vantiv has established itself firmly into the eye of the Money 20/20 Hackathon ecosystem. We are bringing along some of the most fun, innovative and challenging hardware sets to this years event. In order to equate the output we are asking you hackers to combine your PASSION with COMMERCE to change and solve one of the worlds largest challenges. Here is a sampling of the hardware pieces we have brought along to aid you in your quest. These devices are:


Let's take a look at a couple of these and see if we can't drum up some of the creative juices of your internal hacker.


  • Nao Robot
    • What can you do with a little 58cm tall, endearing humanoid? The thing I want to stress here is how life-like this robot is. It can bring out the empathetic aspect of robotics, that is, if robot empathy is a real thing; we are trending towards the singularity, are we not?  If you haven't read our overview on the robot you should, and remember that for the hackathon, you don't even need the robot to start coding a solution to change the world, you can do it right from the Choregraphe simulator. Just take a peak at the NAO documentation and I'm sure your interest will be piqued. The video below can help to get some ideas about the capability of this robot and how human like it is. Perhaps you could create a robot therapist that learns, make its patients happy, introspects on their emotional needs, all for a small recurring fee?


  • Cubelets
    • IoT hype got you down? Plugin with these easily programmable devices and create the next connected simulation universe. These Cubelets are programmable robot blocks and the amazing part about these is that you don't need to know about actuators, logic boards and photosensors to make a functional machine. All of these Cubelets connect with a magnetic base, and by connecting them you can create a larger robot or machine.


      Lets chat a little about what Cubelets exist and what you could do with them. A good starting Cubelet is the battery Cubelete, it provides power for your robot and even has a switch to turn the power on/off. Black Cubelets are known as sense Cubelets and they take input from things like light, distance and temperature. They then turn this "sense" into a number. The transparent Cubelets are called act Cubelets and they function as outputs. They can do things like light up, spin around or make audible cues. The colored Cubelets are like tiny I/O devices (or little brains) which can take in data and modify the output.


      The act Cubelets can use the number generated (as mentioned above) from the sense Cubelet to create or take an "action". These numbers are being sent through the "system" all the time and are what makes the larger robot/machine behave the way it does. As the numbers come in, the colored "think" Cubelets will modify the numbers from the other cubes giving a large variety of programmable actions you can take. You can explore some of the individualized functions of these Cubelets by browsing them here. Don't worry you won't need to purchase these, that is where we come in.


      What can you come up with to make Cubelets + Passion + Commerce = Your 20/20 Solution? The possibilities are endless. If you haven't read our Cubelets deep dive, please check it out here. Below is a little video for some Cubelets knowledge and inspiration:


Come take on our challenge statement as you battle it out for your $125k share of the pie. Dive into the vast set of hardware and software available to translate your passion for commerce into reality.