Is your Robot turning into a Free-loader?

Blog Post created by gjsissons on Oct 3, 2016

Join Vantiv at the Money 20/20 Hackathon and put your Robot to work!


Gone are the days when Robots were massive and expensive beasts, purpose-built and affordable only to large manufacturers.  As technology, materials and software have evolved, the cost of Robots has plummeted. Today, they are everywhere we look including around the home.


Some do useful work (thank you iRobot Roomba), but others are basically toys, wasting their enormous potential, consuming electricity and taking up space.  After a while they’re like teenagers - talking back, sleeping-in past noon, and playing loud music (looking at you Amazon Echo). Before you know it, they’ll be raiding the fridge and even driving your car.




The time has come for your Robots to get a job. Of course, a pre-requisite is that they need to be able to do something useful. This is where you come in!  Second, they need to be able to charge for their services, and this is where Vantiv comes in.


The Money 20/20 Hackathon


Vantiv values passion—not only for payments, but for technology, commerce and improving life.  Over the past two years, Vantiv has sponsored the Money20/20 Hackathon. Now on our third year, we are excited to work with great minded developers again.


You likely have bigger and bolder ideas than just putting robots to work, and to help trigger your creative talents, we’re bringing an awesome bundle of cool gadgets to Money 20/20.


  • Amazon Echo — simplify payments using your brainwaves to solve challenges rather than type commands.
  • Nao robot — robots will obviously be a useful tool in solving any grand challenge – if you can make them do something useful that is.
  • Sphero — what can you do to change the world with a simple, programmable, ball?
  • Cubelets — if spheres are not your cup of tea what about stackable, programmable blocks to conquer a difficult challenge?
  • Verifone Carbon - We are partnering with Verifone to offer a first look at their new Verifone Carbon product. Drive commerce and grow the global economy!


Not into Robots or hardware?  No problem. Pick any open API that you can mash with our eCommerce payments APIs to ultimately solve a grand challenge and create unique commerce experiences.


You can find useful resources and information about the Hackathon Challenge at the Vantiv O.N.E. (One Network Experience) developer portal.




The world needs big thinkers like you. Become part of the Vantiv O.N.E. TechTribe and help make the world a better place one pluggable software module at a time!