Money20/20 Hackathon: Yes, we are back with bigger and better ideas!

Blog Post created by nnagisetty on Sep 23, 2016

It’s that time of the year for the Money2020 Hackathon, and we have bigger and better ideas to help you win bigger and better. If you recall last year, we challenged you to innovate in payments using wearables, virtual reality and other challenges, and we were humbled at the amazing creations put forward by some of the teams. 


Over the last few years, Hackathons have pretty much become the norm for driving research, identifying new ways to problem solve, serving as a breeding ground for ideas, and innovating in a short period of time.  These fun events are meant to help you network with your peers and industry experts, and collaborate and brainstorm like never before. Advancement in technology is driven mostly by disruptions and we are here to help you disrupt the payments ecosystem even further.


At Vantiv, we are constantly thinking about how we can push the boundaries of innovation and how we can help you come up with ideas that are not always considered the norm, and bring them to life.


We are excited to present our challenge statement for you this year at Money2020 to help you think big and drive disruption in the industry like never before!


Vantiv values passion—not only for payments, but for technology, commerce and life.  Just as we challenge ourselves in those areas, we challenge you to solve one of the world's grandest challenges—global warming, food growth/distribution, space travel, medicine, education, inclusion, sustainability, etc. You choose your Grand Challenge and then build an app that helps solve that challenge utilizing Vantiv O.N.E. (One Network Experience).


As part of this challenge we are going to bring some hardware to trigger your creativity:


  • Amazon Echo — Use your brainwaves instead of typing to solve your challenge.
  • Nao robot — robots will obviously be a useful tool in solving any grand challenge.
  • Sphero — See if you can use a simple, programmable ball to help change the world.
  • Cubelets — If spheres aren’t your thing, try stackable, programmable blocks to conquer your challenge.
  • Verifone Carbon – We are partnering with Verifone to offer a first look at their new Verifone Carbon product.  Discover how to use new apps to drive commerce, grow the global economy, and solve your challenge. 


Not into hardware?  Pick any open API that you can mash with our payments APIs to ultimately solve your Grand Challenge and create unique commerce experiences.



(Hardware is limited and you’ll need to qualify for access)


The world needs big thinkers like you....Become part of the Vantiv O.N.E. TechTribe and help make the world a better place.


Look for more blogs in this series to stay informed on what’s coming and how we can help you get up and running, including awesome tips and tricks. To learn more about the prizes we’ll be awarding, how to get started, and engage with us, stay tuned on  https://developer.vantiv.com/community/hackathon!