Habits of Success

Blog Post created by jmather on Aug 15, 2016

I had an opportunity to meet and chat with a wonderful individual in our industry recently. This individual is responsible for bettering many people's lives, supplying them with new skills, monetary means and lot of heart.


In our conversation, he handed me his card and with a genuine smile presented me with his four habits (on the back of the card of course). After reading these I was met with a nice sense of contentment and I immediately felt these habits are attributable not just to success in sales but success in life.


Here are the habits:


Ageless Habits for Sales Success

  1. Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it!
  2. Always return your phone calls just as soon as possible!
  3. Sincerely care about your customers’ needs, properly fill them at a fair price, and all of YOUR needs will be taken care of.
  4. ALWAYS be honest, cheerful, caring, and maintain through good and bad times a very POSITIVE attitude….

Do you know who this individual is? I will give you a wild guess, he is a former RSPA Hall-of-Famer. Extra points if you can name him and his company below in the comments (hint, you can click the link in the prior sentence to get a list).