451 Research and Vantiv talking about Vantiv O.N.E. all-in-one developer network

Blog Post created by mcafiero on Aug 14, 2016

Yesterday’s live webinar hosted by 451 Research was a great opportunity to learn about current trends in consumers’ mobile shopping habits and how Vantiv’s new developer network, Vantiv O.N.E., helps developers address ever-evolving trends.


Jordan McKee led the presentation with some interesting facts about how consumers have embraced mobile shopping and payments, including:

  • Technological concepts from mobile pay to tokenization and EMV
  • The key players: Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon
  • The regulations and standards affecting all of the above

Next came the stats that make marketing so much fun:  how people are using the new technology.  No doubt, retailers are becoming aware that many (if not most) of their customers are price shopping and even competitor shopping from their very own showroom floor. If it were my store, my knee-jerk reaction might be to install some signal jammers, or maybe the better idea might be to advertise heavily that competitor prices would be considered for price matching.  Could this be a new era for negotiated payment experiences at retailers?  It’s always interesting to think about how advances in payments are going to affect the future of retail.

And speaking of the retail experience, payments are already allowing us to pay with our smart watches and other devices. Consumers are shopping in ways you might never imagine, like ordering groceries straight from their refrigerator’s touch screen, or using virtual reality headwear to augment reality shopping.  The future of shopping is indeed enticing, and I believe personal financial consultants are going to experience a surge in clients as consumer budgeting and self-control take new precedence.

The bottom line is that payments are changing.  And this means developers are faced with a lot of work to keep their clients up to speed.

That’s where Matt Ozvat comes in.  Vantiv’s head of integrations and lead technical evangelist, Ozvat describes Vantiv O.N.E. as developers’ go-to place for fast help and comprehensive payments resources.

Ozvat did a great job of explaining the three pillars of Vantiv O.N.E.: TechTools, TechLift and TechTribe.  These pillars offer developers everything they need quickly and easily, saving tech support calls, and time searching through cluttered FAQs and Help pages. Vantiv: O.N.E. is an organized repository of APIs and SDKs, an online support network of Vantiv company experts, and a forum/community of developers who integrate Vantiv products into their solutions.

If you missed the webinar, you can view it now. Enjoy!