Innovation and RetailNOW

Blog Post created by dourada on Jul 19, 2016



RetailNOW 2016 is almost upon us and we cannot wait to gather in Dallas and reconnect with all of our existing partners and meet potential new partners.  Those notorious three little letters, EMV, are likely to provide some great conversation.  Security is always top of mind for Vantiv Integrated Payments, but EMV, end to end encryption, tokenization, and security in general are now ingrained in the industry.  A trend which we think is fantastic.


Now that the market has produced the first iteration of EMV products and solutions, we expect to start seeing products emerge with refined use cases like pay at table and better solutions for ISVs with specific software architectures.  We will demo some of these solutions.


In addition to feeding the EMV 'monster' we are also excited to showcase a few exciting technologies we have been working with in the "lab".  We believe that these technologies will eventually make their way into the channel and there is nothing better than taking a deep dive now and leading change vs. reacting to change.  We will keep the innovation demos a secret for now but envision:  augmented reality, virtual reality, telepresence robotics, voice first technologies, and blockchain technology.




With that I would like to introduce you to an overview of how the Vantiv O.N.E. team thinks about innovation.




Vantiv respects tradition, but we also know the world is changing at an incredible pace that requires constant attention to continuous improvement and building new traditions.  Our new traditions are built on a foundation of daily reflection and innovation.  We do not limit innovation to the latest and greatest technology toys; we are as exhilarated when we develop a new business process that saves us time as we are when developing a new product. Innovation is a team effort--we work across our organization to search out diverse backgrounds that add new perspectives.  We understand that many interesting discoveries are not found within a team but on the 'edges' where multiple teams bump into another or one product slides against another product.  These chaotic systems are where we find truth and we fully immerse ourselves in the fractals.  This innovation culture runs deep in our genes as a tech tribe and we want to share that culture as part of our open platform ecosystem.  Openness, tradition (old and new), and passion make us innovators and helps define Vantiv O.N.E.




How do you innovate?  What are you innovating?


We cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!