• Getting started in the developer community

    FIS & Worldpay from FIS Developer Community If you’re a developer interested in payments or commerce, you’ve come to the right place!  At FIS, payments and banking are all we do. Whether...
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  • What Retail eCommerce will look like in 2050

    Although it seems that retail eCommerce has been part of our daily lives for a long time, in fact, it is a relatively recent phenomenon evolving over just the last 20 years. The internet was opened to commercial use i...
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  • Verbose.zip

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  • triPOS.zip

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  • eProtect iFrame ready detection

    Is there a way to detect if the iFrame is ready?( any function or callback) This can be useful in case iFrame loading up takes time due to  slower internet connections.
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  • eProtect Sample Code not working

    I am using the code example for eProtect iFrame solution from the eProtect API V2.1 Document Version: 6.0 . I am using the following sample details: <script src="https://request.eprotect.vantivprelive.com/eProtec...
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  • puppet inheritance VS puppet composition

    I just came cross puppet inheritance lately. A few questions around it: is it a good practice to use puppet inheritance? I've been told by some of the experienced puppet colleagues Inheritance in puppet is not very go...
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  • TriPOS/Verifone Questions

    Here's a series of questions a reseller recently asked me:   I’m using triPOS with a Verifone VX805. I’d like to use the mag-stripe reader on the Verifone device to capture swipes of things like...
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  • Possible to save the Expiration Date using Hosted Payments?

    I am trying to implement Hosted Payments in my web application. I see I can get back the last four digits and the type of credit card (MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, etc...) but we would also like to save the Expiration Date...
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  • Access Vantiv Payfac API from Salesforce for onboarding

    Hi guys,   Our organisation use salesforce for CRM . I am looking to consume Vantiv Payfac API from Salesforce to onboard the clients in Vantiv. Can any one guide me in the right direction?   Thanks, Yamini.
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  • How does eProtect iFrame prevent it's abuse

    As per my understanding from the documentation, the only required parameters to load the iFrame on your page is paypageId and the appropriate script eProtect src link. All these parameters are available in the javascr...
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  • Join the TechTribe. Get Rewarded.

    Get rewarded for participating in our community. We love hearing from you!   How to Qualify:   Monthly Drawing for $100 Amazon Gift Card Active members who have completed one point-scoring site action during...
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  • How does the MasterCard mandate initiated as part of their Authorization Data Accuracy initiative affect triPOS payments integration via a Verifone terminal?

    As part of this initiative, MasterCard requires merchants processing in a multi-lane point-of-sale (POS) environment to transmit a unique Terminal ID (TID) with each transaction authorization.   Will triPOS mana...
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  • <litleToken> in Authorization Response

    On making the Online Authorization Request using the paypageRegistrationId, the Authorization Response received has <litleToken> in it. Is this litleToken used for making recurring payments? If so, how do I make...
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  • CreditCardSale Hosted Payments with PaymentAccountID

    Hi,   I'm trying to integrate Vantiv Express with our ticketing system ( ecommerce ) I'm using the web service endpoint in C#   I'm fine with basic feature credit card sale, credit card authorize and so o...
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  • Pre Live Access

    Hello,   My developers have made successful calls to vantiv litle api for ecommerce CC auths and we need to obtain credentials for pre live account to get certified.   I have registered here: Vantiv eComme...
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  • Merchant ID & Sandbox

    I've seen a couple questions on here about finding your Merchant ID (for example: Need Merchant ID ) - but there don't seem to be any resolutions. So I'll ask my own question!   We're working on setting up a gat...
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  • How to retrieve transaction information using TransactionQuery method via SOAP and PHP ?

    Hello,   I am trying to retrieve transaction information using TransactionQuery method via SOAP and PHP. Here is the php code that i am using: <?php   $input_xml = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ut...
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  • Sweepstakes TCs Vantiv ONE monthly drawing.pdf

    Terms and Conditions for Vantiv O.N.E.'s Join the TechTribe and Get Rewarded monthly drawing.
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  • Jive Help

    Access Jive Help for basic how to information. This help section is also available in your avatar drop down menu under Jive Help.
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