• How fix a bug on my phone? I need HTML files.

    Petroleum Transaction Message Specification (PCD) V1.3 Visa K Message Set Implementation V1.0 Worldpay ISO 8583 Reference Guide V2.17 ISO 8583 Apple Pay™ In-App\Web Transaction Guide V2.0 ISO 8583 Host Capture M...
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  • Does the PaymentAccountCreate method validate the expiration date of the credit card

    We recently accepted a credit card where the expiration date was 02/20 but when we attempted to charge the card the response was Expired Card. I asked relationship manager to help us, she did a review of the card and ...
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  • Paste Events on the eProtect Iframe

    How can I get information on whether a user pasted their credit card number or CVV into the eProtect form? I see in the eProtect-iframe-enhanced-ux.js that gets loaded when the iframe loads that there is a c...
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  • How to test stored credentials?

    so with the Vantiv Hosted Payments - Process Transaction endpoint, is there a way to test the PaymentAccountQuery method and get credentials back? 
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  • PaymentAccountQuery - 101 Invalid Data

    Hello,   Has anything changed in PaymentAccountQuery request?    We have bunch of integration tests and they started failing since yesterday with error "101 Invalid Data". I am pretty sure that nothin...
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  • Non-unique approval numbers for forwarded payments

    We are adding store-and-forward to our triPOS payment integration. We always use store=automatic and forward=automatic. Currently, we are developing against triPOS 5.14 on a Windows 10 machine. We can now successfu...
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  • How to test store and forward

    Hi, We are looking at trying to test our integration with store and forward set to automatic and automatic. How do we do this? When we unplug the network cable to simulate a loss of connectivity, every transaction ...
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  • PUT /api/v1/configuration/application

    We are endeavouring to make use of some of the configuration API endpoints so we can ensure our customer configuration is consistent with the capabilities of our solution. This endpoint was chosen as a reasonably sim...
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  • What is the stored transaction lifetime?

    We are extending our triPOS payment integration to work with automatic store-and-forward.   In the documentation, the section "Querying the Database" indicates the GET /api/v1/storedtransactions endpoint "return...
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  • Not able to access https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online

    Hi, I am not able to access https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   Is there any configuration/Certificate I am missing?   is there any other URL that I can try?   Thanks, Beginner
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  • Response 887 from eProtect?

    We are seeing a variety of users receive a "887" failure response from eProtect.   I may be missing something, I don't see this response code listed in the documentation.    Can someone please help m...
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  • USAePay to 610

    I would like someone to confirm for me if USAePay is certified to Tandem 610. 610 is the only platform we can setup merchant under the Vantiv ISO program and our software is certified to Element so we need another opt...
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  • Problem Codes

    Good Afternoon,   We are quite new to Vantiv and haven't gotten used to a lot of things yet. However, today, I noticed that one of my accounts.... Risk has it on a 'routing hold'  When I went into NPCrm,...
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  • How does configuration work?

    Ideally I would like to speak to someone in a pre-sales capacity.   How is configuration achieved, through account settings or code?   If I want to apply different percentages depending on different commer...
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  • How to get my merchant ID for developer account?

    HI   how to get my merchant id ?
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  • Asking about the Payment Mechinism

    https://www.facebook.com/Vantiv/Hi Vantiv   My name is Mario, I am a developer, I want to run a local startup business in Hong Kong which may involve in the digital payment area.   However, I am a newbie i...
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  • Refund a Translations

    How To Refund a Translations in vantiv using .net
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  • Recurring Bill Payment

    Hello Good Morning... I am employee of Total-Apps, Here is the address.. 26800 Aliso Viejo Parkway Suite 250 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656   Mojopay interfaces with Vantiv for onboarding and transaction processing....
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  • Intereseted in integration Vantiv and Salesforce

    My organization is currently using Vantiv for credit card processing and Salesforce for donor tracking.  But the two don't currently operate together.  We're interested in linking the two so that we can auto...
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  • Future recurring billing

    Hi, I want to capture a customer credit card at a point in time that could be weeks before it is actually charged the first time. Then the credit card gets charged on given dates through the year. Is this possible to do?
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