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I just came cross puppet inheritance lately. A few questions around it: is it a good practice to use puppet inheritance? I've been told by some of the experienced puppet colleagues Inheritance in puppet is not very good, I was not quite convinced. Coming from OO world, I really want to understand under the cover, how puppet inheritance works, how… (Show more)
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Here's a series of questions a reseller recently asked me:   I’m using triPOS with a Verifone VX805. I’d like to use the mag-stripe reader on the Verifone device to capture swipes of things like loyalty cards & gift cards, and receive those, unencrypted, at the POS rather than sending them on to the processor as a normal EMV transaction would.  … (Show more)
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I am trying to implement Hosted Payments in my web application. I see I can get back the last four digits and the type of credit card (MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, etc...) but we would also like to save the Expiration Date from the transaction. Is this possible using Hosted Payments?
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