• Roadmap Idea: Improving developer docs

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    First off you guys are great. My contact always answers my questions promptly and seems to always have an answer. Incredible!   One thing that could reduce my need to bug him so frequently though would be better...
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  • Prepaid Card

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  • CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization

    CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization transactions are used to authorize an additional amount to an original Auto Rental or Lodging industry authorization transaction. This method is used on the TSYS and FDC platforms on...
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  • Litle Auth call with $0 not validating CVC

    Hi, I'm using Litle and doing an Auth call with $0 amount, AVS, to check the address and CVC/CVV.  However my calls are frequently passing even with an invalid CVC.  I am checking cardValidationResult on the...
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  • Enterprise Developer Documentation

    Core Interface Specifications  Vantiv ISO  8583 Specification Vantiv ISO 8583 Specification - Network Tokenization (ApplePay) Vantiv 610 Interface Reference Guide   Express API documentation  E...
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  • Processing Fees through the API

    I am trying to build an integration using straight APIs that would allow a customer to make a payment via eCheck or Credit Card.  The issue I am having is I want to allow the user to pay the transaction fee only ...
  • Testing AVS on Express

    I have Vantiv Express set up and working in a test environment and would like to test AVS.  Are there test credit card numbers to use in Express with address information that passes AVS?  The credit cards th...
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  • How can i send the encrypted card data recieved by magtek card reader device for charge a card ?

    Hello, I have megtek uDynamo card reader device by that i am receiving card data but that data is encrypted how can i send that data to your(Vantiv) Payment gateway to charge that card. Or i have to decrypt that card ...
  • Need Vantiv Integration Document

    Hi Sir, I have to integrate Vantiv in our payment site..i am using .Net based code..i don't know what is the procedure to integrate.its Epayment site. kindly share full document with code..this will helpful us to pro...
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  • Recurring Membership with limited CC Data

    I've noticed that a number of recurring merchants like Netflix only require: 1. First Name 2. Last Name 3. Card Number 4. Security Code 5. Exp Date Info   What does Vantiv recommend on the back-end, as no A...
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  • Enterprise platform features

    Vertical Market Features Tender types Authorization and Settlement features Integration options and tools   Vertical Market Features  Depending on their industry, developers can have unique ...
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  • Tender types

    Enterprise merchants can accept the following tender types using Vantiv’s payment platform.   Credit (all major brands) Pin debit Pinless debit Vantiv premiere issue gift card Fleet EBT WIC ACH Int...
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  • Getting started with Vantiv's Express API

    Some developers may already be familiar with Vantiv’s Express API as an interface for processing card present (CP) payments in Windows/C# POS environments. Express is versatile however, and is able to accommodat...
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  • CreditCardAVSOnly

    The Address Verification Service (AVS) Only transaction may be used by the merchant to determine whether to accept a transaction. This type of transaction only returns AVS information and does not request authorizatio...
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  • CreditCardCredit

    A CreditCardCredit transaction is used to refund a cardholder for a previous transaction. A CreditCardReturn transaction is like a CreditCardCredit except that it requires a Transaction ID from the original dependent ...
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  • What are the fields required to settle if PAN is not available?

    If we do not capture PAN within our environment (not available post Authorization).  When settling transactions with Vantiv file based Settlement, that were Authorized via ISO 8583 (AJB), is the card PAN informat...
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  • Integration Methods

    Vantiv offers multiple integration methods for enterprise developers.   A short overview of these methods is provided below. If you wish to integrate with us, or need information about any of our APIs, please co...
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  • Documentation on Express API

    Where can I find documentation on the Express API - thank you!
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  • Express transaction examples

    Vantiv’s Express API helps developers process a variety of payment transactions for multiple payment types.  There are separate transaction types applicable to credit cards, debit cards and checks.   ...
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  • In-app purchases with Apple Pay

    Increasingly, developers need to build applications that support multiple platforms and payment channels. In this example we focus on how to integrate Apple Pay with Vantiv’s eCommerce payment APIs.   About...
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