• I failed test payment. Please help meT_T

    I did payment on test using test cards. (use Host Payment by XML)   But, I returned AVS error, CVC error.  (country : New Zealand)   I just used test cards, why does this error occur?    ...
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  • Implementing eProtect to Secure Payments

    The Benefits of Integrating with Vantiv eProtect  Vantiv now Worldpay's eProtect is a solution to help secure payments by avoiding the need for applications to be exposed to sensitive cardholder data a...
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  • CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization

    CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization transactions are used to authorize an additional amount to an original,  Auto Rental, Restaurant or Lodging industry authorization transaction. This method is used on the, World...
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  • Worldpay TCMP Test Host Down?

    Hi,   Have there been any changes made to the Worldpay TCMP test host?  The servers appeared to have been down for weeks, and now we're seeing SSL handshake issues.  We have a live integration as well ...
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  • Integration Methods - Worldpay Enterprise

    Four Integration Methods for Enterprise Payment Developers Explained   Worldpay offers multiple integration methods for enterprise developers.   A short overview of these methods is provided below. If...
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  • OmniCommerce Use Cases

    OmniCommerce refers to a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or i...
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  • About Express

    The Express API is a server-side web-service application where communication takes place over HTTPS links. Communication is handled via XML or SOAP depending on the preference of the developer. No distribution of sour...
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  • Worldpay VIABLE for EMV

    The landscape for payments has changed with the adoption of security initiatives (P2PE and tokenization), and mobile acceptance. Now with the migration to EMV, card present environments have one more payments processo...
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  • Cardholder Name for Apple Pay / Android Pay

    Hi Guys,   We are using TriPoS connected to an iPad (iOS) with an Ingenico IPP350.  When we execute an Authorization Request and the customer uses Apple Pay then the Cardholder Name in the Authorizatio...
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  • Is there a way to generate a one-time payment token via Vantiv Express?

    We need some API support with regards to supporting a one-time payment token via Vantiv Express. What we would like to do is generate a one-time use token based on Credit Card (PAN) information. We want to send this t...
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  • Como eu posso alterar o status da sandbox ?

    Como eu posso alterar o status da sandbox ?  Meus arquivos esta no servidor, mas só em modo de teste. Ja li tudo e não encontro solução. 
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  • Where can I find a valid JCB test card number?

    I am currently working to expand the list of supported credit card types the application I work on accepts to include JCB. I have made the code changes on our side (i.e. passing a type value of "JC" when processing a ...
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  • APIs for reporting and analytics

    What is the best API / Integration method to access the following:   1. A list of transactions (charges, refunds, etc.) for a date range? 2. A list of pay outs (disbursements) and all of the transaction that co...
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  • Prepaid Card

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  • Litle Auth call with $0 not validating CVC

    Hi, I'm using Litle and doing an Auth call with $0 amount, AVS, to check the address and CVC/CVV.  However my calls are frequently passing even with an invalid CVC.  I am checking cardValidationResult on the...
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  • Enterprise Developer Documentation

    Core Interface Specifications  Vantiv ISO  8583 Specification Vantiv ISO 8583 Specification - Network Tokenization (ApplePay) Vantiv 610 Interface Reference Guide   Express API documentation  E...
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  • Processing Fees through the API

    I am trying to build an integration using straight APIs that would allow a customer to make a payment via eCheck or Credit Card.  The issue I am having is I want to allow the user to pay the transaction fee only ...
  • Testing AVS on Express

    I have Vantiv Express set up and working in a test environment and would like to test AVS.  Are there test credit card numbers to use in Express with address information that passes AVS?  The credit cards th...
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  • How can i send the encrypted card data recieved by magtek card reader device for charge a card ?

    Hello, I have megtek uDynamo card reader device by that i am receiving card data but that data is encrypted how can i send that data to your(Vantiv) Payment gateway to charge that card. Or i have to decrypt that card ...
  • Need Vantiv Integration Document

    Hi Sir, I have to integrate Vantiv in our payment site..i am using .Net based code..i don't know what is the procedure to integrate.its Epayment site. kindly share full document with code..this will helpful us to pro...
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