• Is there eMAF RestAPI or a conversion routine rather than an AS400 data dump?

    I need to get data for this purpose:   This document is intended for technical personnel who wish to make use of the information contained in the eMAF report for the purposes of reconciliation, analysis or other...
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  • CheckSale not working

    Always getting Error 1009. So far I was able to test the same with below bank account on vantiv dev environment. account number: 12345678 routing number: 021000021
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  • APIs for reporting and analytics

    What is the best API / Integration method to access the following:   1. A list of transactions (charges, refunds, etc.) for a date range? 2. A list of pay outs (disbursements) and all of the transaction that co...
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  • list of merchants

    Hello, I'm looking for a list merchants available in the bill pay feature. Where can I find that list?
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  • eCommerce ApplePay and Google Pay

    Currently have an integration to the old Mercury Hosted Checkout for eCommerce. Can that integration be extended to add ApplePay and GooglePay? If so, will someone send links to the correct documentation?   If...
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  • More Comprehensive 3-D Secure Support on 610 API

    Looking at the most recent 610 API documentation (v2.18), it looks like there's only limited support for ecommerce-related 3-D Secure products: Group 002 for "Verified By Visa" and Group 003 for "Mastercard SecureCode...
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  • ISO 8583 tcp/ip Interface details (URL/ip address)

    I am a POS (Point of Sale) manufacturer, I want to connect to ISO 8583 platform to process transaction using tcp/ip. What's the interface details (URL/ip address)? 
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  • Merchant Batch Authorization and Deposit File Reference Guide V2.6

    Merchant Batch Authorization and Deposit File Reference Guide 
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  • POS

    Hey andrew.harris I am a POS software developer. I am currently not a Worldpay partner and would like to build a POS that interfaces with Worldpay. I would like to connect to the Worldpay Online Systems TLS platf...
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  • Enterprise Developer Documentation

    Core Interface Documentation Authorization 610 Interface Reference Guide ANSI X9.2 Reference Guide ISO 8583 Host Capture Message Specification (LISO) Message Format 502 ISO 8583 Reference Guide Merchant Pa...
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  • How do I save details in Merchant Admin Interface?

    Background: I have successfully logged in to the MAI, and I have selected the Account link from the left-hand menu (in Test Mode).     What I would like to do: I would like to change some of the form val...
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  • ANSI X9.2 Reference Guide V1.0

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  • Implementing eProtect to Secure Payments

    The Benefits of Integrating with Vantiv eProtect  Vantiv now Worldpay's eProtect is a solution to help secure payments by avoiding the need for applications to be exposed to sensitive cardholder data a...
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  • World Pay API

    Hello,   What is happening with the World Pay API at this time as a result of the merger? What API is available at this time for recurring payments and pos payments?
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  • Lightspeed POS

    Need help integrating Lightspeed POS 
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  • encryption

    Hey, We are looking for a solution for our online payment form that will encrypt the credit card information but allows secure access if we need to view the clients full card info. Any suggestions?
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  • I failed test payment. Please help meT_T

    I did payment on test using test cards. (use Host Payment by XML)   But, I returned AVS error, CVC error.  (country : New Zealand)   I just used test cards, why does this error occur?    ...
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  • CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization

    CreditCardIncrementalAuthorization transactions are used to authorize an additional amount to an original,  Auto Rental, Restaurant or Lodging industry authorization transaction. This method is used on the, World...
  • Integration Methods - Worldpay Enterprise

    Four Integration Methods for Enterprise Payment Developers Explained   Worldpay offers multiple integration methods for enterprise developers.   A short overview of these methods is provided below. If...
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  • OmniCommerce Use Cases

    OmniCommerce refers to a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or i...