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I am currently working to expand the list of supported credit card types the application I work on accepts to include JCB. I have made the code changes on our side (i.e. passing a type value of "JC" when processing a JCB card). However, I am having difficulty tracking down a JCB test card number for Vantiv (something that will work in a pre-live… (Show more)
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The landscape for payments has changed with the adoption of security initiatives (P2PE and tokenization), and mobile acceptance. Now with the migration to EMV, card present environments have one more payments processor to consider. EMV is a set of international standards that defines the interoperability of secure transactions between chip based…
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What is the best API / Integration method to access the following:   1. A list of transactions (charges, refunds, etc.) for a date range? 2. A list of pay outs (disbursements) and all of the transaction that comprise that pay out?   ~ Doug
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Vantiv’s eProtect is a solution to help secure payments by avoiding the need for applications to be exposed to sensitive cardholder data at the point of data capture.   There are multiple approaches to implementing eProtect: For developers integrating directly with Vantiv’s Enterprise Payment Platform, Vantiv implementation consultants can…
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