• Authorization API | Response Token Not Found

    While invoking the Vantiv Request for Authorization API with valid Low value tokens, Procured from (Merchant1900 checkout ) Please find the attached screenshot of the same.  Authorization API response keep ...
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  • Accessing Sandbox from Windows Machine

    Hi I am trying to access the Vantiv eCommerce Sandbox Environment. But not able to access below Url from my windows 10 machine: https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online    I found one prerequ...
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  • Using a Status Query Transaction for the capture transactions

    Hi, I need to use the Status Query Transaction to get information about an capture transaction, but I cannot find the value for origActionType in the documentation (eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide ). Whath tra...
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  • eProtect and MasterPass

    Hi, Is there any documentation/guide for implementing MasterPass integration with eProtect? There is a guide for Visa Checkout and eProtect, but I couldn't find one for MasterPass. If someone could point me to the do...
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  • Best way to integrate worldpay....

    Okay, I'm a developer for a small website and just like our US branch, we would like to have integrated payment option for the website, preferably REST API. The website is build in JSP and java servlets. What would be...
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  • Level 3 confirmation

    I'm currently doing a creditcardsale request with level 3 data in it. Do we have a way to confirm if that satisfied the level 3 requirements?#
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  • When will certifications be available again?

    We are a WorldPay customer and would like to integrate with Worldpay's REST API (to download settlement reports). However for the last 10 days at least, your API docs say "New certifications are temporarily ...
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  • Old SecureNet portal has been stopped

    My payment portal no longer works as it's been closed since it was the old SecureNet one. I need help to set up a new payment portal so once I again I can receive payemnts from custromers
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  • Test merchant id validity

    Hi Support,    I have to test if the merchant id provided in my application by the customer is valid or not. This is being entered while user first login. I am using below API  hc.mercurycert.net. ...
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  • Alternate Payment Methods

    I need to implement a direct (not hosted) interface to ApiPay and WeChatPay. What is the best API to use? Can it be done through the Vantiv cnpAPI or do I need the WorldPay XML API? If I need the WorldPay API how do...
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  • Virtual Terminal along with e-commerce API -LitleSDK

    Hello, We are planning to use the Litle SDK ((e-commerce payment))to implement a back-office to process payments with Level2/3 data (line items). We would like to know if there is a virtual terminal or any web a...
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  • Is the credit card type needed?

    The context of this question relates to online sales and batch requests for sales. In the system I'm working on, the correct "type" of card sometimes isn't captured. For example, the system only recognizes the major...
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  • How do I get started with an EMV chip reader?

    Hello.  I recently bought an Ingenico credit card terminal to begin developing solutions for my company.  Currently, we use Paymetric as our payment processor.  The company I bought the terminal from se...
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  • Are Tokens Transferrable

    We are currently in the process of moving quite a few of our customers existing recurring transactions over to our platform from their current partner as they move to us.    We are being the existing t...
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  • How to get card holder data?

    We have a pizza place (client) which uses Vantiv as a credit card processor. Is it possible for us to get card info - first name, last name, first six and last 4 digits of the card along with the time of the transacti...
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  • Clientside tokenization

    Hello,   I'm in the process of refactoring our use of Vantiv for our merchants and was wondering if there is any mechanism by which one could conduct clientside tokenization? I was hoping for something like Acce...
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  • I-Frame Development

    So I need to get the I-Frame solution integrated as a payment option for our system.  However, none of the JS files that I've found are actually available (broken links) to help make this happen.  Can I get ...
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  • Card-on-File, One-Times & Recurrence

    If I store a card on file that is used by a recurrence and then the same payment source is then used by the cardholder on a one-time transaction, what is the processing type I should send, initialCOF or cardholderInit...
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  • TransactionQuery API

    Hello,   I was looking for an API that will give me the list of transactions that has been completed or refunded within specified date. I am building a custom report for Vantiv Merchant. I have been looking to t...
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  • Will refund fail after changing billing descriptor?

    Scenarios:   1) Authorization was processed with billing descriptor 'A' We then changed the billing descriptor to 'B' Will capture for that authorization works?  2)  Capture was processed with bil...
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