• I am looking for the API to convert that can convert the LVT in the Authorization transaction and receive a High Value Token (HVT) in the response message. Can you please provide the API details alongwith Sample request + response structure. Many Thanks!

    I am looking for the API to convert that can convert the LVT in the Authorization transaction and receive a High Value Token (HVT) in the response message. Can you please provide the API details alongwith Sample reque...
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  • Avoiding double charges

    Hi, when integrating towards the SOAP API (LitleXML) echeck, since it is possible to identify the transaction through transactionid and orderid fields, could the same request be sent twice without risk of double ...
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  • Pre-beta Worldpay API docs obsolete?

    Quick new guy questions!   1. Are Vantiv and Worldpay the same thing now? 2. I wrote some code for my platform to reach out to worldpay, it seems the documentation has changed just in the past few weeks, should...
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  • API to obtain BIN from token?

    Does Worldpay provide an API to obtain a BIN from a token?  
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  • How to integrate hosted checkout payment page

    I have my own ecommerce website. Therefore wanted to integrate hosted payment page with vantiv to provide smooth payment facility to my customers. How to integrate using hosted payment checkout page with vantive worlw...
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  • What is the correct module is for Vantiv integration

    You may remember me from late 2017, when we worked together on the Magento1 Litle Integration https://github.com/Vantiv/litle-integration-magento.  I am migrating our site to Magento 2 at this time, and was wonde...
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  • API endpoint to retrive all transactions for multiple merchants?

    Context: We are going to be a Payment Facilitator. As such we'll be creating multiple Legal Institutions and sub-merchants accounts on the fly.  For custom reporting/analytic purposes, we need to be able t...
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  • Can an OmniToken be Deleted or Updated?

    Hi, I have the following questions regarding OmniTokens: Is there an API for deleting a previously received OmniToken?  Is there an API to update the credit card number associated with an existing OmniTok...
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  • Webpay integration docs (compatible with php 7.2)

    Have had to disconnect from our credit card validation form (https://merchants.worldpay.us) because our Drupal 7 website integration relied on mcrypt to connect our local shopping cart to the the validation form. ...
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  • How to certify

    Hi, we have just about completed the integration of your product into our Bill Paying system. I'm assuming we now need to go through a certification process with you, but I can't find out how to organize this or what ...
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  • Vantiv test system stopped working

    I am not able to use vantiv test system since morning. Could you please confirm if it is down and when can I expect it to be up again. Below are url details: https://certtransaction.elementexpress.com https://transa...
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  • latest version of litle-sdk-java

    What's the latest version of litle-sdk-java we should use to go live?
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  • Will the XML API for US eCommerce support 3dSecure 2.0?

    We are currently using this API among others and we are looking to update our system to support the new 3dSecure 2.0.
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  • Is vantiv litle able to perform partial refunds, and what information do I need to send in the request to accomplish this?

    The only documentation I found is unclear if partial refunds are allowed and what information I would need to send in the request to accomplish this?
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  • What call is used to Capture a Pre-Authorized Card?

    Novice question but can't find the answer!  We are adding Pre-Auth/capture to our e-commerce integration. I am referencing the Worldpay 610 Interface Reference Guide for the calls we need to add. For pre-aut...
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  • Preventing Card Declines

    Hi, I have a quick question, we have some customers using Vantiv Express hosted payments page for online transactions.  These customers in question are movie theatres, so some people purchase tickets online in a ...
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  • How to test an "invalid" card number?

    I've got a connection to the cnpAPI sandbox via https://www.testvantivcnp.com/sandbox/communicator/online, and have been first playing with getting a response via the registerTokenRequest function.   I've c...
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  • correct documentation ?

    Hi, is this a valid documentation https://developer.worldpay.com/jsonapi/docs/own-form we can use as a reference to create recurring payments ? Do we need a different account from https://developer...
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  • World Pay Production Ceritification

    I have created and successfully connected world pay test account using REST API with my client's shopping cart website. Test payments are working fine. Now i want to do the same for my client's world pay produc...
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  • Do you have Hosted Payment sdk/api

    Do you have a hosted payment form for accepting online payments via desktop and mobile platforms so that PCI compliance is completely managed on your end? Mobile is extremely important as most of their web traffi...
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