• How can register the IPAddress against to our merchant account in worldpay

    How can register the IPAddress against to our merchant account in worldpay
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  • Direct integration Capture call

    The successive API calls for Authorization, the Capture call expecting the optional parameters as mandatory. Here the request and response as follows, please suggest how to overcome it. It is in a test environment. ...
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  • Test Credentials

    As suggested in other FAQs and blogs, I requested worldPay to provide me test credentials for one of my mobile apps which needs to be integrated with payment gateway.    Its been a week now and no one from w...
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  • Merchant Login and PW

    I'm trying to link  a Worldpay on a Shopify online store - but Shopify is asking for a Merchant Login and PW. Where do I get this?   Please help me  Thanks 
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  • Customer Getting Fraud Suspicion Message

    Transaction declined with error message Fraud Suspicion and due to this error conversion rate is very low our business suffers a lot. Can you please help me on this. Thanks in advance as it's really very urgent for us.
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  • ERROR! entity is not configured

    Worldpay v5 API issues "entity is not configured" error.   "Content-Type": "application/vnd.worldpay.payments-v5+json"
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  • How to see or enable "HostResponseMessage"

    In the Worldpay - Vantiv - Express (Element) transcript response I see the HostResponseCode, but I don't see the HostResponseMessage. Is this something that needs to be enabled at an account level? Maybe a verbose res...
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  • codeigniter

    Good morning,  I want to implement WordPay in to our website but is in Codeigniter PHP framework, i don't know a lot about this framework and how to do it, so far i created the FORM. Any help will be really app...
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  • The DMN response for non USD currencies (BIQ)

    Hi Worldpay support, support, worldpaydeveloper, testworldpay   I am a PO of Broker IQ which full integration with Worldpay.   We are currently experiencing an issue with the Worldpay in Production which p...
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  • Implementation Manager

    How do I get an implementation manager? I have a business with multiple locations using Worldpay. I developed my own backend and need to integrate for ccard processing. 
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  • Litle Payment eCheck Gateway

    I am contacting you to see if you can help us concerning the “Litle Payment eCheck Gateway”.  WHMCS just had an update and nothing seems to be working with the Litle Payment eCheck Gateway module you ...
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  • Access Deined

    Hi, Can anyone let me know why I am getting this error even I am providing the all possible details? Merchant Id: 26adb1c3-6de6-439f-930e-6d26ed43126e Test Mode     Thanks  
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  • Adding a shopperEmailAddress value causes "Error parsing json, please check json request"

    We are able to create and validate a json request using api.worldpay.com but when adding anything other than null to the shopperEmailAddress key we receive an error message 'Error parsing json, please check json reque...
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  • Payment error ; error parsing json please check json request:

    Has anyone experienced this error sporadically.  99% of payments go through fine but occasionally a customer reports the error above whilst attempting payment and with multiple cards.   Worldpay Online +...
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  • Wordpress - Form builder integration

    Hello,    Our client is a charity and already a worldpay customer, they are looking to re-platform their website to Wordpress. As they are looking for a very simple integration for fundraising purposes we'r...
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  • Worldpay Ecomm Integration

    Hello, we want to integrate and test Worldpay Ecomm on Bigcommerce Platform. Information such as username and password requested from us is not seen on the http://online.worldpay.com API screen. When we enter the info...
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  • sandbox account

    How to create a sandbox account.
  • WPOP paymentStatusReason not being returned during order GET

    In my test environment, I am creating failed test orders following the information here.   When I POST the failed order, the order response returns paymentStatusReason as "REFUSED" which is expected, howeve...
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  • iOS SDK Integration error

    Hi Team, I have problem with iOS tripos SDK integration. I followed all step as you mentioned in documents but it gives linker error. Error:  ld: framework not found triPOSMobileSDK clang: error: linker command...
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  • Working vb.net example?

    Hello all, I'm in need of a working vb.net example. I'm using Vantiv.CnpSdkForNet. (v12.14.0)    Been trying lots of different code to no avail, including the example here: .NET SDK - Litle ASP.NE...
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