• Payment Transaction Response Codes Doc

    Integrating eComm API's with my internal ERP system and need to build XML file to map Worldpay Payment Transaction Response Codes to our ERP system codes.  Looking at table A-1 in the eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide...
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  • Is CVV required PaymentAccountCreate?

    In Express Interface Is CVV required PaymentAccountCreate  method?   If CVV is not required how you are validating the card details and generating paymentaccountId?   Without CVV we are validate the c...
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  • XSD for cnpAPI Ver 11.3 or 11.4

    Hi Where can I find the XSD for the the cnpAPI version 11.3 or 11.4? thanks Vik
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  • Sandbox URL and Availability

    With the domain change requirements for ecomm transactions is there going to be a domain name change for the litle sandbox?   https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   Currently I did not se...
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  • Hosted Payment Issue

    Hi team,   I have a test account and API codes. I am testing it into my application and its working fine. I want to track all my transactions history into gateway.  I followed the link "https://certtransacti...
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  • Card on File & Recurring

    Visa introduced new requirements for businesses that store cardholder payment information for use in future transactions, such as recurring payments, installment payments, and card on file payments.   This means...
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  • testLitle Sandbox is not Working

    Not able to run the https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   So please guide me how to test the Litle in sandbox       Regards Mahesh T J.    
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  • Different Sandbox URLs

    Hi Guys, What is the difference between these two sandbox urls: https://www.testvantivcnp.com/sandbox/communicator/online  https://www.testvantivcnp.com/sandbox/new/sandbox/communicator/online    I'...
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  • Apple & Google Pay Integrations

    Hi, I am currently integrating apple & google pay for v9.13 littleOnlineRequest. Can you please confirm if the following requests and responses are valid for both payment methods? The tokens decryption is alr...
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  • XML Transaction examples

    When developers are coding for payment integrations, it is critical to have an understanding of the broad range of XML transactions types available.  Five of the primary XML transaction types include:   Aut...
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  • MAG Merchant Import

    Where can i find more information about  MAG Merchant Import integration?
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  • Unable to connect to remote server error!!

    Hi there,  I am having issues performing Authorizations on a .NET Web App. The web request fails with a System.Net.WebException exception and the message Unable to connect to remote server However,  it do...
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  • Are eCommerce (Litle) tokens interchangable with TriPOS OmniTokens?

    Are eCommerce (Litle) tokens interchangable with TriPOS OmniTokens?
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  • Vantiv Transaction Response Code

    I am struggling to find documentation for transaction response codes "1001" and "1002". This exclusive doc on response codes https://developer.vantiv.com/docs/DOC-1178 doesn't list the one's that I am looking for unde...
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  • SDK VS XML for Ecomm

    What are the advantages of SDK vs XML Spec for eCommerce CC authorizations ? I know the benefits of XML are listed here: https://developer.vantiv.com/community/ecommerce/pages/xml but should that mean we should always...
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  • Implementing LitleXML API

    I downloaded the SDK to implement the Litle XML API. But, When I try to call the function from a service method, it is throwing an error. For Example I try to call the method SetUpLitle() from a webservice (.asmx) m...
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  • Difference between XML versions?

    What is the difference between XML v9.13 and v11.0?  Can't find list of differences anywhere.
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  • authentication element placement for batch requests

    In the LitleXml Reference Guide, section 4.39, it speaks about the <authentication> element.   The authentication element is a required element of both the litleOnlineRequest and the batchRequest elements....
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  • Clarification on Response Files for Batch

    In the LitleXML Reference Guide, section 2.3.12, it states the following:   The initial response represents an acknowledgment that we received the transactions and notification that we will deliver them upstream ...
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  • Clarification needed on Session File Size

    In regard to Session Files, the LitleXML Reference Guide (9.11) states the following:     A Batch should not exceed 20,000 transactions. If the number of transaction for a single merchant exceeds 20,000, ...
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