• Getting details of a token without doing an authorisation

    As part of migrating payment details from a legacy system, I have a CSV file and a bunch of tokens. I'd like to check that they're the right sort of tokens I'm expecting, without doing an authorisation, because I don'...
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  • Get transactions list

    Hi guys! Does anybody know if we can get info about transactions from VANTIV (not VANTIV HOSTED/Worldpay)? I can confirm that we can get this info from VANTIV HOSTED through their api transactionQuery. I tried to get...
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  • Problems with sFTP batch settlement on test server

    Hi,   We certified our middleware payment platform with Litle on September of last year for HTTPS online auths and sFTP batch settlements.   Recently, a customer told us that they were unable to settle bat...
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  • Can CC Tokens / Auth Tokens be Shared

    We are implementing an e-commerce channel for our organization.  We currently use an ERP that requests a CC token from Vantiv and then discards the original CC data.  This ERP also requests authorization cod...
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  • Better option for Custom .Net Integration

    Hi, I am new to Vantiv Payment Gateway Integration, We are working on the get the Payment gateway implemented for an in-house application where the payment will be processed both from the Web app and a Mobile App. Th...
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  • About Worldpay from FIS US eCommerce XML Integrations

    Worldpay provides multiple integration options to its eCommerce payment platform.   US Online Payments Technical Documention     The Worldpay eCommerce cnpAPI Reference Guide provides detai...
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  • Choosing the Right US eCommerce Payment Integration Method

    How to Choose an eCommerce Integration The payment integration methods described here apply to Vantiv’s eCommerce platform and is used mainly for (CNP) card-not-present eCommerce transactions including web...
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  • Litle XML Schema V8.5

    Does anyone has the litle xml schema version 8.5 ??
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  • XML Credit example

    The Credit transaction enables you to refund money to a customer, even if the original transaction occurred outside of Vantiv’s system. You can submit refunds against any of the following payment transactions: &...
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  • XML Capture example

    The Capture transaction transfers funds from the customer to the merchant. The Capture references the associated Authorization by means of the litleTxnId element returned in the Authorization response.   You sen...
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  • XML Capture Given Auth example

    You typically use a Capture Given Auth transaction when the associated Authorization occurred outside of the system (for example, if you received a telephone Authorization). Another possible use for a Capture Given Au...
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  • XML Authorization Reversal example

    The Authorization Reversal transaction enables you to remove the hold on any funds being held by an Authorization. The original Authorization transaction must have been processed within the Vantiv eCommerce platform. ...
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  • XML Authorization transaction

    The Authorization transaction enables you to confirm that customers have submitted a valid payment method with their order and has sufficient funds to purchase the goods or services they ordered. The lifespan of an a...
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  • How to retrieve a transaction in vantiv litle? and how do they handle read timed out scenarios?

    we are trying to integrate vantiv litle. i don't find any api for this
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  • Alternate Payment Methods

    I need to implement a direct (not hosted) interface to ApiPay and WeChatPay. What is the best API to use? Can it be done through the Vantiv cnpAPI or do I need the WorldPay XML API? If I need the WorldPay API how do...
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  • Is the credit card type needed?

    The context of this question relates to online sales and batch requests for sales. In the system I'm working on, the correct "type" of card sometimes isn't captured. For example, the system only recognizes the major...
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  • I-Frame Development

    So I need to get the I-Frame solution integrated as a payment option for our system.  However, none of the JS files that I've found are actually available (broken links) to help make this happen.  Can I get ...
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  • Will refund fail after changing billing descriptor?

    Scenarios:   1) Authorization was processed with billing descriptor 'A' We then changed the billing descriptor to 'B' Will capture for that authorization works?  2)  Capture was processed with bil...
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  • Specs for 8.31

    How can I obtain the XML spec pdf document for 8.31?
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  • Postman on Prelive Environment

    We have one of our test systems working successfully using the Prelive environment at https://payments.vantivprelive.com/vap/communicator/online  with appropriate credentials provided to us by Worldpay. ...
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