• Working vb.net example?

    Hello all, I'm in need of a working vb.net example. I'm using Vantiv.CnpSdkForNet. (v12.14.0)    Been trying lots of different code to no avail, including the example here: .NET SDK - Litle ASP.NE...
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  • Transitioning from SALE to AUTH/CAPTURE

    We have a site that currently utilizes sale transactions that we are transitioning to auth (with capture happening during post processing). Before we deploy the update I was wondering if I could get some feedback on w...
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  • Get transactions list

    Hi guys! Does anybody know if we can get info about transactions from VANTIV (not VANTIV HOSTED/Worldpay)? I can confirm that we can get this info from VANTIV HOSTED through their api transactionQuery. I tried to get...
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  • Shopping carts - WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform. Implemented as a WordPress plug-in, WooCommerce helps developers easily build full-function eCommerce sites with minimal development effort. Several WordPress themes are in...
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  • OperationCanceledException in 12.10.3

    I am currently on version 12.4.1 of the .NET SDK, and I'm using it inside a .NET Core application. I was excited to see that 12.10.3 has support for .NET Standard.  I'm attempting to upgrade the SDK, but any vers...
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  • "Token not found" error using LitleSdkForNet

    Our company has been using Little/Vantiv/WorldPay to process payments for a couple of years, without any major issues. For the past few days we've been getting many failed transactions with the error "Token not f...
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  • Can CC Tokens / Auth Tokens be Shared

    We are implementing an e-commerce channel for our organization.  We currently use an ERP that requests a CC token from Vantiv and then discards the original CC data.  This ERP also requests authorization cod...
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  • Better option for Custom .Net Integration

    Hi, I am new to Vantiv Payment Gateway Integration, We are working on the get the Payment gateway implemented for an in-house application where the payment will be processed both from the Web app and a Mobile App. Th...
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  • Worldpay US eCommerce SDKs

    To simplify integrations to the Enterprise eCommerce payment platform, Worldpay provides several language specific SDKs:   PHP SDK Ruby SDK Java SDK .NET SDK Python SDK   In ad...
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  • Choosing the Right US eCommerce Payment Integration Method

    How to Choose an eCommerce Integration The payment integration methods described here apply to Vantiv’s eCommerce platform and is used mainly for (CNP) card-not-present eCommerce transactions including web...
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  • API to obtain BIN from token?

    Does Worldpay provide an API to obtain a BIN from a token?  
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  • Webpay integration docs (compatible with php 7.2)

    Have had to disconnect from our credit card validation form (https://merchants.worldpay.us) because our Drupal 7 website integration relied on mcrypt to connect our local shopping cart to the the validation form. ...
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  • Do you have Hosted Payment sdk/api

    Do you have a hosted payment form for accepting online payments via desktop and mobile platforms so that PCI compliance is completely managed on your end? Mobile is extremely important as most of their web traffi...
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  • Best way to integrate worldpay....

    Okay, I'm a developer for a small website and just like our US branch, we would like to have integrated payment option for the website, preferably REST API. The website is build in JSP and java servlets. What would be...
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  • Alternate Payment Methods

    I need to implement a direct (not hosted) interface to ApiPay and WeChatPay. What is the best API to use? Can it be done through the Vantiv cnpAPI or do I need the WorldPay XML API? If I need the WorldPay API how do...
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  • Virtual Terminal along with e-commerce API -LitleSDK

    Hello, We are planning to use the Litle SDK ((e-commerce payment))to implement a back-office to process payments with Level2/3 data (line items). We would like to know if there is a virtual terminal or any web a...
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  • Is the credit card type needed?

    The context of this question relates to online sales and batch requests for sales. In the system I'm working on, the correct "type" of card sometimes isn't captured. For example, the system only recognizes the major...
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  • Credit Card Codes

    When submitting a creaditcard payment, the system wants to know what type the card is.   In the JAVA SDK, the following list is provided in the MethodOfPaymentTypeEnum  class: MC, VI, AX, DC, DI, PP, ...
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    Would it be possible to get the JAVA SDK javadoc published somewhere? 
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  • I-Frame Development

    So I need to get the I-Frame solution integrated as a payment option for our system.  However, none of the JS files that I've found are actually available (broken links) to help make this happen.  Can I get ...
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