• Litle Payment eCheck Gateway

    I am contacting you to see if you can help us concerning the “Litle Payment eCheck Gateway”.  WHMCS just had an update and nothing seems to be working with the Litle Payment eCheck Gateway module you ...
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  • Get transactions list

    Hi guys! Does anybody know if we can get info about transactions from VANTIV (not VANTIV HOSTED/Worldpay)? I can confirm that we can get this info from VANTIV HOSTED through their api transactionQuery. I tried to get...
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  • Litle XML Schema V8.5

    Does anyone has the litle xml schema version 8.5 ??
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  • TransactionQuery API

    Hello,   I was looking for an API that will give me the list of transactions that has been completed or refunded within specified date. I am building a custom report for Vantiv Merchant. I have been looking to t...
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  • How can I review CoF info on iq reports for transactions I'm testing on prelive?

    I'm using the cert tests for CoF but when I'm using it I have the following: - For the supported Credit Card the networkTransactionId is always --> "networkTransactionId": "000000000000000" - For the not sup...
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  • My client has signed up to use your payment processing software integration for Woocommerce. I need to know what are the requirements for PCI compliance.

    I also need to know about the chargeback policy as it relates to suspension of services for getting them.
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  • Hosted Payment Issue

    Hi team,   I have a test account and API codes. I am testing it into my application and its working fine. I want to track all my transactions history into gateway.  I followed the link "https://certtransacti...
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  • testLitle Sandbox is not Working

    Not able to run the https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   So please guide me how to test the Litle in sandbox       Regards Mahesh T J.    
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  • Vantiv iQ for eCommerce Data Sheet Aug2017

    Vantiv iQ for eCommerce Datasheet
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