• I need to use vantiv payments in magento 2

    Hello Team,   I  need to use vantiv payments in magento 2.1.8 - Enterprise edition. I try to installed the extension : Vantiv eCommerce - Magento Marketplace which shows component conflict depende...
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  • Payflow Pro and Vantiv Tandem vs IBM

    When asking our ISO who issued a Vantiv account if the account can be set up with Payflow Pro as a gateway, they responded it depends on if Payflow Pro supports Vantiv IBM network vs Vantiv Tandem.  Does any...
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  • testLitle Sandbox is not Working

    Not able to run the https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   So please guide me how to test the Litle in sandbox       Regards Mahesh T J.    
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  • Alternate payment methods

    To allow merchants to maximize revenue, the Vantiv eCommerce platform supports a variety of alternate payment methods beyond standard Credit and Debit cards.   Among these payment methods are:   eCheck Pa...
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  • Please mail/update me what are the charges if we install Vantiv in our e commerse website for selling our products

    please mail me the detail  we will use your payment gateway what are the charges 1- monthlt 2 per transaction charges
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  • Does Vantiv support Paypal reference transactions?

    Does Vantiv support Paypal reference transactions? We create an order that contains autoship items on storefront. Then Paypal API DoExpressCheckout is called, obtained Billing agreement ID and Paypal API DoAuthoriza...
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  • PayPal

    PayPal is an alternative payment option optimized for Internet merchants that can be offered to customers during the order process. At checkout, customers authenticate themselves with PayPal using their PayPal login a...
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