• How to retrieve a transaction in vantiv litle? and how do they handle read timed out scenarios?

    we are trying to integrate vantiv litle. i don't find any api for this
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  • Application certification process

    Regardless of whether you integrate via our SDKs or via XML, you will need to certify with us before you can go live. The purpose of our certification process is to verify that your transaction submissions meet the re...
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  • Clientside tokenization

    Hello,   I'm in the process of refactoring our use of Vantiv for our merchants and was wondering if there is any mechanism by which one could conduct clientside tokenization? I was hoping for something like Acce...
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  • Payment integration

    I would like to create a sand box to integrate my  site to world pay for testing purpose and later on I can sign up for live account.  so How do i create a sandbox to test out our flows.
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  • iFrame registrationId to java sdk

    We are migrating to Vantiv from a Moneris online payment system.   Vantiv has a similar setup with an iFrame that Moneris (I believe they called theirs "Hosted Tokenization") did.  I believe with the Vantiv...
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  • Certification with vantiv, throwing exception

    I am new to vantiv, as a developer I wanna certify the MX925 device and display sample text like "Hello World". I try to fire Postman GET with ApplicationID,Token, ID, acceptor ID values from email when i registered....
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  • Prepaid Indicator FAQ v2.0.pdf

    FAQ about prepaid card products and how they are handled on the eCommerce platform
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  • Worldpay eComm Direct Debit Frequently Asked Questions v3.0

    Frequently asked questions related to processing with Direct Debit (formerly eCheck).
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  • Old card on file - saved before new requirements

    In the new Visa requirements for card on file - when processing a payment using a previously saved card on file (subsequent payment) - I need to send to set the <originalNetworkTransactionId> elem...
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  • Card on file - subsequent installments - processing type

    Hello.   We've recently changed our card on file implementation to meet the requirements in the attached file. In the file - for installment and recurring - in subsequent payments there's no mention w...
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  • Worldpay Requirements for Open Access v2.0

    Requirements for Worldpay allowing clients to connect from non-static IP addresses for online transaction processing.
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  • Sandbox URL and Availability

    With the domain change requirements for ecomm transactions is there going to be a domain name change for the litle sandbox?   https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   Currently I did not se...
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  • eCommerce Documentation

    eCommerce documentation Public documentation also available at: https://github.com/Vantiv/CNP-API cnpAPI Reference Guide (latest) Worldpay eCommerce Recurring Engine Info v2.0 PayPal Integration Guide cnpAPI ...
  • Getting Authorization error when trying to integrate the vantive in php

    Hi i having php site using codeigniter. Now i want to integrate the vantive payment gateway to mysite. I done the installation of php sdk using composer. Now when i run the sample code i got the below error:   &#...
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  • Hosted Payment Issue

    Hi team,   I have a test account and API codes. I am testing it into my application and its working fine. I want to track all my transactions history into gateway.  I followed the link "https://certtransacti...
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  • testLitle Sandbox is not Working

    Not able to run the https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   So please guide me how to test the Litle in sandbox       Regards Mahesh T J.    
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  • SDK Integration for Dot.Net

    I am seeking code for creating user profile with "card/e-check details", and later use profile for payment. Also code for removing "profile/card/e-check profile" in provided SDK.   Kindly respond asap.   T...
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  • Endpoint for Paypage/eprotect registration down?

    Is https://request-prelive.np-securepaypage-litle.com/LitlePayPage/pagepage down for anyone else?   Getting the error below in Postman. Could not get any response There was an error connecting to https://reques...
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  • Difference between XML versions?

    What is the difference between XML v9.13 and v11.0?  Can't find list of differences anywhere.
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  • Vantiv eCommerce Apple Pay FAQ v1.3

    Frequently asked questions about Vantiv eCommerce Apple Pay integrations
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