• Working vb.net example?

    Hello all, I'm in need of a working vb.net example. I'm using Vantiv.CnpSdkForNet. (v12.14.0)    Been trying lots of different code to no avail, including the example here: .NET SDK - Litle ASP.NE...
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  • Payment integration

    I would like to create a sand box to integrate my  site to world pay for testing purpose and later on I can sign up for live account.  so How do i create a sandbox to test out our flows.
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  • Vantiv eCommerce .NET SDK error

    Hello,   I am trying to use the Vantiv eCommerce .NET SDK.   I am using VS 2015 with Framework 4.5 with VB.NET and have added a reference to LidleSdkForNet.dll. I continue to receive the following error ...
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  • My client has signed up to use your payment processing software integration for Woocommerce. I need to know what are the requirements for PCI compliance.

    I also need to know about the chargeback policy as it relates to suspension of services for getting them.
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  • Certification with vantiv, throwing exception

    I am new to vantiv, as a developer I wanna certify the MX925 device and display sample text like "Hello World". I try to fire Postman GET with ApplicationID,Token, ID, acceptor ID values from email when i registered....
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  • Getting Authorization error when trying to integrate the vantive in php

    Hi i having php site using codeigniter. Now i want to integrate the vantive payment gateway to mysite. I done the installation of php sdk using composer. Now when i run the sample code i got the below error:   &#...
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  • Hosted Payment Issue

    Hi team,   I have a test account and API codes. I am testing it into my application and its working fine. I want to track all my transactions history into gateway.  I followed the link "https://certtransacti...
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  • testLitle Sandbox is not Working

    Not able to run the https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online   So please guide me how to test the Litle in sandbox       Regards Mahesh T J.    
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  • Is pre live box down?

    Is pre live sandbox down? Thanks Shannon
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  • SDK Integration for Dot.Net

    I am seeking code for creating user profile with "card/e-check details", and later use profile for payment. Also code for removing "profile/card/e-check profile" in provided SDK.   Kindly respond asap.   T...
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  • Credit card authorization

    Hi, My company is planning to use iFrame Payment for credit card transaction. I was going through you api documentation but have some doubts or could not understand some part.   For my application we need to jus...
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  • I want to integrate Vantiv payment gateway with my dot net application how to do that? Can you provide me a sample application for dontnet?

    I want to integrate Vantiv payment gateway with my dot net application how to do that? Can you provide me a sample application for dontnet?
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  • Endpoint for Paypage/eprotect registration down?

    Is https://request-prelive.np-securepaypage-litle.com/LitlePayPage/pagepage down for anyone else?   Getting the error below in Postman. Could not get any response There was an error connecting to https://reques...
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  • Is the sandbox site down?

    I'm trying to POST to the https://www.testlitle.com/sandbox/communicator/online testing sandbox, but I am getting timeout errors.   Is the sandbox down?
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