• Webpay integration docs (compatible with php 7.2)

    Have had to disconnect from our credit card validation form (https://merchants.worldpay.us) because our Drupal 7 website integration relied on mcrypt to connect our local shopping cart to the the validation form. ...
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  • Worldpay eProtect Integration Guide V4.0

    The Worldpay eProtect Integration Guide provides information on the three eProtect integration options for card-not-present merchants, as well as information on eProtect transaction testing and certification with Worl...
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  • Litle XML Schema V8.5

    Does anyone has the litle xml schema version 8.5 ??
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  • Worldpay eProtect Integration Guide V7.5

    The Worldpay eProtect Integration Guide provides information on the three eProtect integration options for card-not-present merchants, as well as information on eProtect transaction testing and certification with...
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  • Worldpay Chargeback API Reference Guide APIv2.2, v3.5

    The Worldpay Chargeback API Reference Guide provides information on retrieving information and taking action on chargeback cases, as well as uploading supporting documentation. The two Chargeback APIs described i...
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  • Will the XML API for US eCommerce support 3dSecure 2.0?

    We are currently using this API among others and we are looking to update our system to support the new 3dSecure 2.0.
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  • What call is used to Capture a Pre-Authorized Card?

    Novice question but can't find the answer!  We are adding Pre-Auth/capture to our e-commerce integration. I am referencing the Worldpay 610 Interface Reference Guide for the calls we need to add. For pre-aut...
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  • Preventing Card Declines

    Hi, I have a quick question, we have some customers using Vantiv Express hosted payments page for online transactions.  These customers in question are movie theatres, so some people purchase tickets online in a ...
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  • Using a Status Query Transaction for the capture transactions

    Hi, I need to use the Status Query Transaction to get information about an capture transaction, but I cannot find the value for origActionType in the documentation (eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide ). Whath tra...
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  • Is the credit card type needed?

    The context of this question relates to online sales and batch requests for sales. In the system I'm working on, the correct "type" of card sometimes isn't captured. For example, the system only recognizes the major...
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  • Credit Card Codes

    When submitting a creaditcard payment, the system wants to know what type the card is.   In the JAVA SDK, the following list is provided in the MethodOfPaymentTypeEnum  class: MC, VI, AX, DC, DI, PP, ...
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  • How to get card holder data?

    We have a pizza place (client) which uses Vantiv as a credit card processor. Is it possible for us to get card info - first name, last name, first six and last 4 digits of the card along with the time of the transacti...
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  • Will refund fail after changing billing descriptor?

    Scenarios:   1) Authorization was processed with billing descriptor 'A' We then changed the billing descriptor to 'B' Will capture for that authorization works?  2)  Capture was processed with bil...
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  • I need to use vantiv payments in magento 2

    Hello Team,   I  need to use vantiv payments in magento 2.1.8 - Enterprise edition. I try to installed the extension : Vantiv eCommerce - Magento Marketplace which shows component conflict depende...
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  • Is the sandbox site down?

    Is the sandbox site down?Is the sandbox site down?
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  • iFrame registrationId to java sdk

    We are migrating to Vantiv from a Moneris online payment system.   Vantiv has a similar setup with an iFrame that Moneris (I believe they called theirs "Hosted Tokenization") did.  I believe with the Vantiv...
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  • My client has signed up to use your payment processing software integration for Woocommerce. I need to know what are the requirements for PCI compliance.

    I also need to know about the chargeback policy as it relates to suspension of services for getting them.
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  • Can an OmniToken be Deleted or Updated?

    Hi, I have the following questions regarding OmniTokens: Is there an API for deleting a previously received OmniToken?  Is there an API to update the credit card number associated with an existing OmniTok...
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  • Can OmniToken Be Reused For A New Transaction

    Hi,   If I use eProtect and am given an OmniToken as part of the authorization response can I use that OmniToken for a new transaction (a new order that a customer places on an eCommerce site)?   Thanks, &...
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  • Old card on file - saved before new requirements

    In the new Visa requirements for card on file - when processing a payment using a previously saved card on file (subsequent payment) - I need to send to set the <originalNetworkTransactionId> elem...
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