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Hi, I need to use the Status Query Transaction to get information about an capture transaction, but I cannot find the value for origActionType in the documentation (eComm cnpAPI Reference Guide ). Whath transaction type I need to use? Is it possible to get this info with this method? Thank you
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I need help with a white paper showing how worldpay integrates with a Shopify & Quickbooks desktop app.  Please, trying to sign up a new customer. This is an ecommerce opportunity.    Philip Martin Retriever Merchant Solutions 6784802149
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Hi I am trying to access the Vantiv eCommerce Sandbox Environment. But not able to access below Url from my windows 10 machine:    I found one prerequisite mentioned i.e "You should be able to run this on any platform with internet access that support cURL and Linux / UNIX bash including… (Show more)
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Hi, Is there any documentation/guide for implementing MasterPass integration with eProtect? There is a guide for Visa Checkout and eProtect, but I couldn't find one for MasterPass. If someone could point me to the documentation it will be very helpful. Thanks!
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Okay, I'm a developer for a small website and just like our US branch, we would like to have integrated payment option for the website, preferably REST API. The website is build in JSP and java servlets. What would be the best approach?
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I'm currently doing a creditcardsale request with level 3 data in it. Do we have a way to confirm if that satisfied the level 3 requirements?#
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We are a WorldPay customer and would like to integrate with Worldpay's REST API (to download settlement reports). However for the last 10 days at least, your API docs say "New certifications are temporarily disabled...please visit the Vantiv One portal for more information." When will this be available again? And/or how do I use the Vantiv One… (Show more)
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My payment portal no longer works as it's been closed since it was the old SecureNet one. I need help to set up a new payment portal so once I again I can receive payemnts from custromers
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Hello, We are planning to use the Litle SDK ((e-commerce payment))to implement a back-office to process payments with Level2/3 data (line items). We would like to know if there is a virtual terminal or any web app where we can create transactions manually (entering customer credit cards info, level 2/3 data). If it exists, did the app allow us to… (Show more)
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The Worldpay Enterprise eProtect Integration Guide provides information on the three eProtect integration options for card-not-present merchants, as well as information on eProtect transaction testing and certification with Worldpay. When used together with Omnitoken, eProtect reduces your exposure to sensitive cardholder data and can…
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