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I have applied worldpay online payments on a website. I have used  Sometimes, when customers click on pay button of the template form, multiple payments happen. This does not happen always, but it happens sometimes. I have applied disability of pay button once clicked, but still this… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm looking for a PHP SDK to access to Payments  (TEST: LIVE:   I've found this which looks pretty old and no longer maintained, and that refers to different endpoints (LIVE:    Can anyone help me? Thanks Regards
i have put below input in my form as mentioned in (Worldpay Developers ) document. <input name="MC_SHOPPINGCARTID" type="hidden" value="a2c6b0a9-178a-4743-8fde-66a70e7a138b" /> <input name="MC_CUSTOMERREFERENCE" type="hidden" value="My Purchase Order" /> <input name="MC_CUSTOMERID" type="hidden" value="1d1a5284-f872-402a-b2d8-f605a277a27f" />  … (Show more)
Hi, My company set up an account for World Pay today, i understand i wont have access to the live API for the first 24 hours whilst World Pay do checks their side. But my understanding is my credentials would work the test api? (link below)    Will my access start for test at the same… (Show more)
Hi,   We're on Opencart 3.0.32 with Journal Theme (We upgraded during lockdown and have just re-opened this week) Customers are frozen on the payments page sometimes when trying to check out. They retry multiple times and this leads to multiple payments being taken by worldpay. With the Journal theme there is an option to use Opencarts checkout… (Show more)
We are working for a customer of Access Worldpay to migrate their payment solution (including Worldpay) from their old business process into a new business system. Hence, we require Test API credentials for Access Worldpay to develop this new integration.   Can you grant Test API credentials for Access Worldpay for my email address?   p.s. I had… (Show more)
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